Christian Business Coaching – Listen to Your Customers THIS Way

Christian Business Coaching – Listen to Your Customers THIS Way

Tim Redmond who is a Christian business coaching expert has trained multiple business owners and their staffs and how to sell an increase their topline and bottom-line sales. The key to that is how to listen to the clients needs and to bring those needs and the clarity and the sales discussion. One of Tim Edmonds favorite books on sales was written by the author Jerry Vass called Soft Selling in a Hard World. It is a phenomenal sales book full of the key principles that Tim brings in the business is to help them increase their sales.

Jerry is quoted as saying “My young daughter ask for advice. I told her go into sales. Picture profession feels that selling is a sleazy activity, below its professional standards. Study that profession with the idea that no make your money selling. There will be little competition in your colleagues will be delighted to pay you handsomely, even more than they are themselves.” That is a very different view that most people have of sales. In fact while coaching just this last week, Tim RedmondGrowth ran into tremendous resistance from a client about the sales process. His sales have been waning and yet he is deathly afraid of the sales process. As Tim talked to his business owner about his attitude towards sales, it was clear that the business owner look at sales as below what he is supposed to do as a business are.

One thing that Jerry Vass talks about in his book is that the highest paid people in the world are salespeople. Jerry mentions that many of them hide behind the position of CEO, VP of research and development, or maybe a minister or the head of a nonprofit organization. The bottom line is that anybody wants to be successful in life learns to sell well. Any business that wants to succeed in this competitive workforce has to learn to sell. Christian business coaching

The key to selling is first learned that with the customer through various rapport techniques that can teaches to his business clients all over the world. The next step is key and is frequently not understood by many people in sales. One is that? It is learning to listen to find out what the customer needs. What he or she truly means. Why is that so difficult? It is because most salespeople spend more time telling than actually selling. It is been determined the most effective salespeople will listen about 70% of the time speak only 30 percent of the time. Christian business coaching

Take a moment to evaluate your sales process in your business. Is your sales approach to ask the client with a direct frontal question do you want to buy my product? That is usually met with the tremendous level of resistance. People want to do business with people who understand what they really need and take time to listen to the specifics of what they’re looking for. Because of the defensiveness that people have towards making decisions and when talking to salespeople on the fear of being taken advantage of by being convinced to buy something they really don’t need at a price more than they should pay. Power To Create Wealth

The key to effective listening in a sales presentation is asking intelligent questions that probe and uncover areas of dissatisfaction, pain, and real need. This requires a salesperson to ask questions that are very directed towards the client and not directed towards the product or selling. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is a statement that is really true in the sales process. Power To Create Wealth

Probing questions such as what is your biggest frustration in your business particularly relating to the area the salesperson services. What’s happening that you don’t want to have happen anymore? What’s not happening that you want to have happen more? If you could create a perfect environment what would that environment be? What needs to happen in order to reduce the frustration? What do you think is causing the biggest slow down or frustration in your process? The power getting the customer to open up about what’s really bothering them or what they want to overcome opens them up to talk to you as a consultant or an expert rather than a desperate salesperson begging for the sale. Power To Create Wealth

When you are able to create an intelligent, engaging conversation with the client about the real needs, and you can get them to open up you are more likely to bring them into a close by their product. That’s where so many people in sales do not do it correctly. They rush to want to explain all the features of the product whether the customer needs it or not. They want to drone on and on about their powerful product without really knowing if that is the answer to what the customer is looking for. This is the key to successful selling. You’ve got to dive into the heart and the mind and the true needs of the customer through probing questions and persistent pursuit of what’s really bothering them. When you are able to uncover their true needs, they are more likely to want to respond to you and to talk to you as a consultant able to help them meet their needs. With this listening approach, is not only helps you close the sale immediately at hand but also gives the client more reliant on you in the days, weeks, and months to come. They’re more likely to want to call on you because you’ve proven to them you can solve their problem without baking for the sale or taken on the appearance that you want to take advantage of them. Power To Create Wealth

The key is creating a sales script that gets you into selling rather than telling. It is one that brings the client through the five key stages of the sales process which are rapport, needs, benefits, close, and handling objections. If you want him Redmond and its Christian business coaching team of business gurus to help you with your sales process, please call him at 918-298-7766.

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