Plumber Marketing Case Study | Rogers Plumbing – From Good to Great!

Have you been struggling to grow your own business or have found that your methods for plumber marketing work just haven’t been very effective? Are you needing to work with a high quality marketing plumbing company that takes care of their action items on time and makes sure that your business can grow successfully? Do you even want to hire a company that almost cares about the success of your business more than you do? While that seems hard to imagine, we’ve gotten the same comments from our current clients that we work with at Redmond Growth. For any of these plumber marketing needs that you’re facing, it’s as easy as filling out a form and a website or giving us a call to schedule a free hour-long business assessment today. One of the companies that has seen very early and tremendous results by doing just this is with Rogers Plumbing.

Client Profile:

They are an organization that has already been successful considering many of the plumbing companies out there today. But what you often find with successful individuals or great plumber marketing organizations is that they always look to find out any new and better ways to fill their work or do their business. And we had actually reached out to him to see if he would like us to be able to help him out and he gladly received this. And boy is he glad that he did, because now he’s been able to see some very early steps forward in his business growth to take that million dollar business and through our plumber marketing, turning it into a multimillion-dollar business in the years to come.

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

  • Revving Up More Work! One hardcore way that we’ve been able to fully advanced your mission and growing your plumber marketing efforts is to simply create more work for you. And one of the key areas we do this is by identifying what’s missing from your digital presence online. There really is a huge tremendous value in generating lots and lots of reviews for your business because we have just seen too many contractors take advantage of this and earn buckets of money by doing this one simple thing.
  • Explore Profitable Enhancements! And that would be one of our next concerns as well is just making sure that you actually are making buckets of money. Because you could generate all the work in the world and yet you become very frustrated by the fact that you’re only profiting a very small percentage of your work. In fact, we had a guy reach out to us on his own because he was so frustrated by the other plumber marketing and business development companies that wouldn’t actually give him real results in him earning money in his wallet.
  • Digging Deep Into Sales! And yes, one of the core ways that implementing our plumber marketing services reaps great money in rewards is by having a really tight and awesome sales process. Through principles that Seth Godin talks about in his book Purple Cow, you have to stand out in your marketplace. Sometimes, it needs to be in the very audacious or outlandish means because there are so many people vying for customers attention. And that’s specifically one way we help out with our plumbing marketing is by identifying what makes you stand out and very key aspects and to make sure that your work is fully foreseen.
  • Managing the Daily Schedule! Now this is one of the hidden things that many contractors don’t realize is a huge issue, but once they start missing more and more deadlines and not making their appointments on time, they begin to see how important it is to maintain a consistent daily schedule. And many times, this is one of the biggest breakthrough moments for our business owners that we work with because it really is just about saying no to more and more things and only focusing on the key aspects that truly help to grow your business forward.
  • Opening Avenues for Quality Help! And with this issue of finding quality help in a market that does not promote a lot of quality help, we provide a best practice, proven system to be able to hire people effectively without wasting hours upon hours of your life doing so. Well we know it certainly is challenging to find great people out there that aren’t going to steal from the workplace or aren’t going to lie on your resume, we do know that these great people are out there. So it’s no reason why you should just sit there and mourn for the fact that this new generation doesn’t seem to work as hard as you thought they would.
  • Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability! Now once a team has begun to be formed and there are turnkey plumber marketing aspects that help you to constantly generate work and generate leads for your business, it’s time to really focus in on how to enhance your productivity and your accountability in the business. Through methods of being able to use our best practice checklist and documentation methods, we can be able to begin to see life-changing frustration relieving points of emphasis when working with Redmond Growth.
  • Delegation to Create Time Freedom! Of course last but not least, this is the dream goal for every business owner. The reason why people become a business owner or an entrepreneur is to set themselves up for financial freedom in the future and also to set up and build the life that they always wanted. And through working with us, we have seen time and time again that through just a couple years of being diligent and working with Redmond Growth, business owners are able to get to this point every single time. Whether they’re a multimillion-dollar huge company or just simply a one-man marketing plumber show that’s wanting to build up something great.

You Can Grow Your Business Too!

So after looking through all of our plumber marketing solutions and seeing these different aspects of how we grow businesses, are you curious as to whether you would be a great fit for us? Well the surefire way figure out if you’re a good fit or not it’s just simply call us at 918.361.3047 or simply fill out a form online to set up a free hour-long business assessment that we give to you to help identify for yourself where these key aspects are that you need to attack in your business.