Plumber Marketing Case Study – Quick Relief Plumbing

Plumber marketing and other aspects of growing a business has challenged so many plumbers struggling to win with their businesses. With stats showing that 9 out of 10 startups failRedmond Growth looks to be the key solution to all of your plumber marketing problems. In fact, one of our key statements to why we do what we do is that, “we fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” That’s why for Quick Relief Plumbing and for any plumber marketing that needs to be resolved, we should be the first call you make.

Client Profile:

Quick Relief Plumbing is a plumbing company that’s based out in the Kansas City area, specifically in Shawnee, Kansas. One of their big mottos with the business is that they want to “treat your home as their own” which has helped fuel consistent business for over a decade. When they came to us though, the thought of scaling up their company to more and more plumbers was very intimidated. Furthermore, they didn’t have many systems at all to grow the business or consistent methods to generate more business.

So they started up with Redmond Growth and got to work with one of our implementation specialists, Harley Liechty. Ever since, (as quoted in the testimonial video), they have doubled their business with our plumber marketing resources, hiring new people to the team is no longer an intimidating factor for the owner, and the biggest asset Redmond Growth has provided to him is to simply keep him on task with the real, important steps necessary to growing a healthy, wealth-generating powerhouse.

Where do we help every contractor grow their business?

  • Revving Up More Work! At Redmond Growth, it’s one of our key priorities to always make sure that contractors in any field (whether it’s plumbers or electricians or remodelers), know how to properly set themselves up for success with their digital footprint, solidify why they stand out against their competitors via Seth Godin’s Purple Cow principle, and promote their services effectively through great plumbing marketing and advertising avenues.
  • Explore Profitable Enhancements! Whenever marketing plumbing services, you could get a ton of leads coming through the door, but we hear about so many of our contractors only converting half or less than half of leads to actual jobs. Furthermore, we could find that the profitability of their business isn’t setting them up for success either! That’s why when we’re marketing plumber clients, we always make sure they can get the best bang for buck with their pricing, packaging of services and overall presentation.
  • Digging Deep Into Sales! As we last discussed with profitability and closing deals, this also requires us to dive into every aspect of how our clients communicate with their prospects. Because when it comes to plumber marketing, we have to uncover every effective opportunity to illustrate to the customer why our services stand out and we’re the best option.
  • Managing the Daily Schedule! Lee Cockerell, the management executive who was in charge of 40,000 employees at Walt Disney World Resorts emphasizes that, “the quality of your life is directly affected by how and where you spend your time.” So when we help illustrate to our clients the power of our plumber marketing resources, we also lean into them on how they plan out each day through our Hour of Power Planning System.
  • Opening Avenues for Quality Help! We hear from contractors all the time about how frustrating it is to be able to find quality help. We reach out to remodelers, electricians, plumbers, and other industries and it’s the same story everywhere. Yet when a client begins to adopt out super effective hiring system, they always come back and thank us for not only saving them several hours each week, but also find awesome people to bring on to the team. It’s one of the best WOW factors that we’re able to provide for plumbers and contractors alike.
  • Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability! Building an effective team around your company is one of the most important factors to growing a thriving business that is no longer reliant on you for everything, but is reliant on systems and A players to perform at their duties. At Redmond Growth, as we continue to grow ourselves, we firmly understand this and incorporate systems, processes and proven methods to effectively train and mentor your team members so they can buy into the vision your bringing with your business and buy into staying with your company for a long time. And if not, then they are able to walk away with an extremely positive outlook on working with your company.
  • Delegation to Create Time Freedom! Last, but certainly not least, with our plumber marketing efforts and everything else we provide, we’ll also be taking a look at how you can focus your time more and more on your highest and best use activities with your business and with your life. Every business owner wants to grow their business to enable them to have the time freedom and financial freedom they always dream of. This is not an impossible dream! We do this with clients every single week, taking them through proven principles that work in every business so that they can have the time freedom for their own lives.

You can grow your business too!

When you read these details, does it make you think that growing your business into a wealth-generating powerhouse seem possible? Are you financially stuck with no room to grow and need a guiding hand to take you to the promised land? Do you NOT want to be one of the 9 out of 10 business owners who fail? Not only that, but do you want to THRIVE in your business too? Well what are you waiting for!?

Redmond Growth is here to ensure that you get the best results for your business you can get. Call 918.361.3047 and schedule a free hour-long business assessment today with Tim Redmond so that your plumber marketing and all of your business needs get solved!