Plumber Marketing Case Study | One Way Plumbing – Top in Tulsa!

Have you been working in your business for more than a decade or even longer and just haven’t found that your plumber marketing has been a consistent machine to generate business for you? Are you struggling day-in and day-out to make sure your business is successful and are just waiting for somebody to help you get to the next level with your business?

Would you be interested in working with a company that has consistently provided people with plumber marketing services that not only meets their expectations, but exceed them? At Redmond Growth, it’s very important for you to know that we have done this for hundreds and hundreds of clients. We specialize in taking businesses from just being a day-to-day job that keeps owners surviving to becoming a wealth generating powerhouse. As one of our core sayings goes, “We fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.”

And while your business may not be broken, there are certainly aspects in the operations of your business and how you market yourself and how effective your people are that if you were to take a deep look into your business, that you would realize there can be so much more that the company could provide you. That’s why we provide people with an hour-long free business assessment so they can fully identify the key areas to take action within their business. And there probably isn’t a better example out there for highly utilized plumber marketing work than with One Way Plumbing.

Client Profile:

One Way Plumbing is a plumbing marketing maintenance and repair company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were already a business doing a fairly good job and the head guy did a great job in wowing customers. But he wanted to go from just simply having his own job to scaling the business past himself and therefore making more money from his business. He wanted a thriving organization with multiple vans going out and multiple people being influenced by his work without him being on the job all the time.

So he came to us at Redmond Growth and got to work with one of our top implementation specialists, Robert Redmond. And the aftermath of working with us for over a year or so has just shown to provide exceptional fruits where he has multiple trucks going out every single day and his business is thriving after joining Redmond Growth.

Where do we help every contractor grow their business?

  • Revving Up More Work! One of the very first ways that we attack when it comes to influencing the marketing plumbing companies utilize is the fact that we just need to give a facelift to what  plumber marketing companies are saying online. We interact with so many contractors who haven’t taken the time to hone in on the details of their third party listings or the specifics of how Google works and how they can rank well on Google. And one of the first things that we preach about on a very consistent basis is just how relevant and important Google reviews are. If you take a look at what One Way Plumbing has done with their Google reviews, you can tell that they have made it a company priority to get to say they are one of the highest and most reviewed organizations in Tulsa for marketing plumber services.
  • Explore Profitable Enhancements! While we’re showcasing these companies to be the best resource online through our plumber marketing work, we also need to take a deep dive into how much money the workers are actually making with each of their jobs. Because what could end up happening is that you’re doing a lot of work, but only make a percentage of profit that really doesn’t provide you great long-term benefits or a nice safety net to take care of bad things that happen in the business or your life. As we say all the time, the business exists to serve you. And if it’s not serving you as the business owner, then you aren’t taking control to make sure that the tireless hours you work bring you the best results.
  • Digging Deep Into Sales! One way we help in being able to convert more people into paying customers is by simply digging deep into every step that you take in closing a deal. We’ll go into how your scripts look for phone calls and make sure that you can consistently say the same things every time and know that how you present yourself will never be affected by what emotional state you’re in. And by focusing on making sure that every step of the sales process provides a wow moment to your customer, we’re able to take conversion rates that are as low as 20% to 30% and turn them to be upwards of 80% or more!
  • Managing the Daily Schedule! And along with the hectic nature of being a contractor or finding success with your plumber marketing, you’ll likely find that you’re next issue to tackle is how you effectively schedule out your time. And it’s not only the time that you spend in your business, but also the time that you spend in your life. While at Redmond Growth, we focus on the aspects of growing your business, we know that if you throw away the other obligations to schedule time for your family or your friends or to have fun, then your life will soon be miserable. That’s why at Redmond Growth, we want to make sure that the success you have in your business does not create failures in other aspects of your life.
  • Opening Avenues for Quality Help! We always find that whenever we start a conversation with a new client or a business owner, one of their first difficulties that they bring up is finding quality help. And we do understand that a majority of people out there for many industries are terrible people. But we also take the step to address these issues head-on and take aggressive strategies to solve them rather than just accept that everybody out there is terrible. With our plumber marketing and our best practice hiring system, our clients soon realize that finding high-quality people isn’t as challenging as they thought it was.
  • Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability! One of the other aspects we love to dive into with our contractors is that once they have a team of people hired and ready to go, they need to actively stay in touch and keep accountability on their service. Nothing’s worse than bringing on a guy who will likely be a fantastic fit, but then lead to terrible results due to the fact that we were not consistent in always training them and always making sure that their responsibilities were completed to the perfection that the business owner would have. At Redmond Growth, we spend entire meetings at a time digging deep into how we can set up checklists and systems to be able to have the team take your next steps forward in their effectiveness in working the business.
  • Delegation to Create Time Freedom! Last but not least, after the effectiveness of our plumber marketing takes place, we look to take the business owner to the promised land with not only having the financial freedom to grow their business, but provide them with the time freedom they always wanted when starting the business.

You can grow your business too!

Have you been working in your business for many years now and you just haven’t found the plumber marketing services to fully satisfy the goals of where you would like to take your business? Are you also having a difficult time growing the business and also just are at the brink of not even continuing to grow the business anymore because it’s so frustrating? Well at Redmond Growth, I want to reassure you today that the hundreds of online reviews and dozens upon dozens of client testimonials are not a hoax, but should definitely provide bona fide results that will set you on the course for financial freedom and time freedom. Get on our website today and fill out a form to schedule an hour-long free business assessment to take a deep dive in your business or just simply gives a call at 918.361.3047.