Plumber Marketing Case Study | Lakeshore Plumbing – Earning Money at the Beach!

Have you been exploring the internet to try and figure out which company might stands out from others, but just don’t feel confident enough to spend years of time investing thousands of dollars into plumber marketing services? Have you not gotten the chance to work with an agency or a business consulting firm that actually gives you a direct return for the investment you make?  Wouldn’t it be a fresh perspective to spend the time with a dedicated team of plumber marketing experts every week into not only developing your plumbing marketing, but also all aspects of your business?

You have come to the right place. Redmond Growth is a business consulting firm where we provide not only the specific resources and tools to enhance your plumber marketing capabilities, but we also provide the one-on-one coaching and development to specifically implement scalable and duplicable processes so that your business creates the financial freedom and time freedom you always wanted. Because as one of our core sayings goes, “we fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.”  And one of the best stories that we have and examples of business owners taking on our initiative is Lakeshore Plumbing.

Client Profile:

Lakeshore Plumbing is a company over in Oklahoma City that solely started as just the business owner and a part-time helper with their work. They do a lot of residential plumbing work and some commercial bidding work as well. They were similar to the multitude of companies that we hear from where they were wanting to grow their business and we’re wanting to find a way to build the system so that it’s not all on their shoulders. So they came to us at Redmond Growth to be able to figure out what steps need to be taken to create this “illusive” time freedom in their business. As a result, one of the biggest success stories we use with our clients is that after several months of working with us, Lakeshore Plumbing has brought on three extra trucks to provide work in Oklahoma City and they even took a vacation for the first time WHILE also still making money from the business.

We know this is something we can replicate with you and here are a few ways that we do that.

Where do we help every contractor grow their business?

  • Revving Up More Work! For one thing, generating more work via plumber marketing for your business is absolutely one of the surefire ways to make sure your business grows. This is one of the first areas we approach with every client to specifically work on how you are presented online whenever people look for you. This involves every single place where people look for you. So on those third-party listings or on Google or on your website, you need to look consistent and awesome in every area where your business is represented. And at Redmond Growth, this is where we attack right at the front gate.
  • Explore Profitable Enhancements! After developing all those plumber marketing tools to get your business going and generate more leads, you still got to make money on this work. That’s why we often focus on contractor’s pricing models that they have utilized for several years consistently without changing. Oftentimes, they just need to find out that their prices need to be raised or maybe it needs to be lowered or maybe there’s a way that they can price their work so that it’s the most effective utilization of their time. Whatever the situation may be, we have been able to implement these changes in real businesses like Lakeshore Plumbing in order to get them to reap more fruits for their labor.
  • Digging Deep Into Sales! Now with the sales structure in the business and implementing crucial marketing plumbing resources, it’s important to know that there are always areas that you can adapt and change with your sales process. I guarantee you that very few take a deep look at how they execute every step of their sales process…there are holes just about every system that need to be addressed! We have just interacted with too many contractors who accept that a conversion rate of 20% to 40% is okay for their plumber marketing work. We need to get that conversion rate to be at 80% or more with the work and the way we are able to do that is by going into every step of the sales process and digging deep into how we can convert ideal and likely buyers into being paying customers.
  • Managing the Daily Schedule! So as we’ve utilized our plumber marketing work to develop more work for you and we’ve also adjusted the pricing so you get the best bang for your buck. How are we going to fit all this work on our schedule though? And what if we aren’t even using a calendar consistently to keep track of everything that’s going on? Not just with our business, but also with your life? This is one of the key things we definitely get into with every contractor or client we work with. Because often times, people are not as effective as they should be in time blocking and saying no to whatever is going on in order to focus on your key activities to specifically growing the business. I know for sure that Lakeshore Plumbing has been one of these examples where we help them with this and you can definitely be one of those examples as well.
  • Opening Avenues for Quality Help! A complaint that we get with just about every contractor out there is that there are no hard working people out there. While some industries are in fact, lacking in the amount of people that are available or are trained, it’s important to know that there are always A+ players out there. And many times, the A players are just working at other jobs and need to be incentivized to switch over to you. So what are you going to do to stand out as a marketable business to work with and an enjoyable business to work with? We help you address the specific questions with real results along with presenting you our best practice hiring system to find these great people.
  • Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability! Once we have gone through all these steps in being able to bring on great people and also implemented a consistent marketing chain, we will look too very aggressively and specifically focus on all the details of how to be the most productive and effective team out there. With our weekly meetings that we have set up with clients, we help to reinforce different aspects of accountability and training so that their team can be the best and most capable group out there. It’s how we make sure that our plumber marketing work that we provide to consumers always stays top-notch.
  • Delegation to Create Time Freedom! And finally, all these systems are coming to the end of the road where the business owner finally realizes that financial freedom and time freedom can be a reality for them. Plumber marketing aside, it’s very rewarding to be able to finally live out the dream that you have seen for yourself to build up a scalable and replicable system. Only 1 out of 10 business owners will ever reach this point past the 5-year mark and a huge fraction of those marketing plumber services aren’t even existing at a profitable level!

You can grow your business too!

This is why we have to ask, are you struggling to grow the business and take it to places that you’ve never gone before? Does your plumber marketing need a lot of improvement plus, does it need consulting and accountability to make sure the system works consistently? It’s about time you get in with us and just schedule an hour-long free business assessment. This is an hour of our time we’re giving to you to educate you in all the different aspects that we can provide solutions to and even if you don’t work with us, you now know where to start on developing and growing your business. Give us a call today at 918.361.3047 or just simply fill out a form on the website!