Plumber Marketing Case Study | H2O Plumbing – Profits Now Flowing in the Business

Are you looking to grow your business past yourself? How effective is your plumber marketing for your business? Or maybe you’re already getting a lot of work currently and you need help finding quality people to be able to scale past yourself doing all the work and even doing all the selling? Have you worked with other organizations in the past that have given you tons of false guarantees without providing you real testimonials and examples? Well that’s why you have to get in touch with us at Redmond Growth. We are all about making sure that businesses we work with get the fixing they need and also turn from just being good operations to being great and fantastic plumber marketing organizations. That’s what all of our contractors that stick with us realize, and that’s especially with H2O Plumbing realize as well.

Client Profile:

This organization is actually part of another construction business. The owner for the construction business had been working with us for a couple months and has just been wowed by our process and by our solutions, he has since turned over his plumbing company to receive assistance from us as well. We know that with any contractor, whether they’re an electrician, remodeler, or a marketing plumbing company, we can get them to the plumber marketing goals that they desire for themselves. That’s why if you are one of these companies or really any company out there, you have to call us to receive a free hour long business assessment to get you advanced to your goals in marketing plumber services.

Where do we help every contractor grow their business?

  • Revving Up More Work! Now what’s one of the first ways we help business owners skyrocket their growth? Well it for sure has to be in the way that they are presented online on the digital platforms and search engines. Many times, we’ll have business owners that have been consistently getting their work from the same resources such as referrals or word of mouth. They have just stayed away from trying to advance their agenda online because nobody has educated them on how it works and frankly, they for whatever reason don’t believe it’s worth it. We can tell you first-hand that our plumber marketing efforts in this area have shown tremendous amounts of fruits for business owners out there.
  • Explore Profitable Enhancements! So once they’re digital presence looks fabulous and they have their plumber marketing and branding to be consistent everywhere, it’s also important to pay attention to how much money they’re even making with their work. We’ve faced many contractors who have a very convoluted and complicated system to be able to price themselves out to customers. It can be frustrating when you turn your business into a million-dollar operation, but only make a 5% profit from any of your work. Don’t worry, if this is you, we can get you there and help you out with these plumber marketing endeavors today.
  • Digging Deep Into Sales! Now many times, it’s simply in the way that they set themselves up for prospects to turn into clients. These business owners are very good at their craft and do a fantastic job, but they’ve been gotten zero education on how to properly sell themselves well.  With our very detailed processes and clearly defining the specific points that they interact with, they’ll be able to turn sub 50% conversion rates for jobs to get over 70% or more of their work sold.
  • Managing the Daily Schedule! This is a topic that many of our contractors totally ignore or don’t even know is a problem. Once a contractor really figures out how to set up their optimal daily calendar so that they can focus on the key performance indicators and addressing the biggest limiting factors, it provides wonders of relief and helps you accelerate the business even more. Work with one of our implementation specialists today to dig deep into how you organize your schedule.
  • Opening Avenues for Quality Help! And yes, we will hear this from every contractor that’s out there that finding an ironclad, quality person is one of the hardest aspects owning their business. Unfortunately, they’re reading everybody’s resume and not using a consistent active system to hiring people. That way, you’re not just waiting for people to come to your door or waiting for the world to bring you that perfect plumbing marketing candidate. That’s why working with Redmond Growth helps to provide you with the right answers to address this very important issue is that it’s never hung up in developing your business.
  • Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability! Now once that team is formed and once many of these processes come to fruition in developing a consistency in generating work, it’s important that you continue to focus up and work on nailing down the productivity, plumber marketing and accountability at the people you hire. Making sure that you have checklists and documented processes for doing work really helps build up the long-term fruits of your labor. Our team of implementation specialists have done this with countless business owners over the years and we’d be happy to do the same things for you today.
  • Delegation to Create Time Freedom! Now after we’ve taken care of all of the plumber marketing out there and made sure that the work you’ve been able to dive into has some of the best results you’ve imagined, with revenue growth and profitability and a high-quality team available, you can get to the dream phase of your business which is really determining how many hours you simply want to work in your business. While you may want to continue to work and get after it to scale it out across the city or across the state and take it to even brand new heights, you may find yourself to be quite satisfied with where it’s at and look to sell it or just look to maintain the systems in place. Whatever the case may be, Redmond Growth has helped prior clients get through the steps and we can get you through these steps as well.

You can grow your business too!

Now are you a business owner currently and reading about our clients and are wanting to get some skin in the game? Does our plumber marketing services seem perfect for you and being able to grow your own business? Well if you’re considering working with Redmond Growth, I can tell you that it’s a great decision that will take you to whatever goals you have with your business. So simply gets set up on a free hour-long business assessment by filling out a form on our website or giving us a call at 918.361.3047.