Plumber Marketing Case Study | Green Lion Plumbing – Altering Financial Futures

Have you taken a look at your business on a deep level and thought to yourself that there are probably some changes you can make with it? Do you think some of those changes could be in your plumber marketing tactics or in your business operations or how much you are profitable with your business? Or do you simply have a very frustrating time working in the business all day everyday? Well I would love to encourage you that you have come to the right place because at Redmond Growth, it’s our very basic mission to be able to educate and train business owners to be able to build up a business that thrives no matter what the market throws at them. That’s why one of our big catchphrases is that we fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.

Client Profile:

That’s why when you look at a company like Green Lion Plumbing, they are such a prime example of a business that has flipped the spectrum. They came to us as a business that had lasted over 30 years over in Oklahoma City. Their plumber marketing efforts just never took off for them. The owner of the business described that his father worked day in and day out for so many years and he doesn’t want to follow this path of never growing and getting the business past himself. His story of his success working with us and being able to grow the business to exponential levels has been an inspiration to our team.

Where do we help every contractor grow their business?

  • Revving Up More Work! Many times, our contractors that come to us for plumber marketing work often start with some of their biggest pain points in the moment. The first place we have to always start looking at is whether or not you’re actually getting enough business. Because what ends up happening is business owners who talk about wanting to grow their business don’t actually want to put forth the necessary steps and the excessive hours to generate buzz, generating a lot of value for your business, not only online, but with just calling and staying in it every single day.
  • Explore Profitable Enhancements! Once business owners get that figured out and are able to utilize our plumber marketing work to present themselves really well online, it’s time to dig deep into the profitability of their work. Because we’ve talked with numerous contractors who come to us just frustrated because they keep working and working and yet they only make less than 10% profit from their work throughout each month or throughout each project. That’s something we really focus on and some of the beginning stages to make sure that any other efforts going forward, profitability never has to be an issue again.
  • Digging Deep Into Sales! Now when dealing with sales, this is one of the areas of focus that some contractors don’t feel as such a necessary place. They’ve been selling jobs for multiple decades now. What do they have to learn about selling or putting themselves in a good position for plumber marketing work that could help improve their value? Well actually, quite a bit. They may be losing a lot of work because they’re just not following up with their leads. They could have a method of closing deals that takes way longer than it should. This part of the process is where we really dig deep and make sure that every step from a prospect to a closed client gets figured out and that the turnaround time is the shortest it can possibly be.
  • Managing the Daily Schedule! Now as the business continues to grow and starts to begin thriving with some of the essential moves we make with our plumber marketing, the area of focus that we have to get into is finding the time in the business owner’s schedule. It’s often because most people have not gotten a lot of training and been able to stay disciplined and time block those core money-making activities throughout their daily schedule. Often times, it’s just having the deep talk of just saying no, more and more and more! So with our marketing plumber work, it’s important that we’re also helping in developing and managing an awesome daily schedule.
  • Opening Avenues for Quality Help! Now yes, I mentioned this before, but this is a huge aspect for contractors that begin to work with us. When we tell them that we have a best practice system for finding and hiring quality help and being able to sift through hundreds of resumes in a very short amount of time, their heads begin to turn and they’re ready to listen. They’re just tired of settling with terrible people on their team because they think there are a lot of people out there. And what we would like to educate them on is as we develop their plumber marketing resources and get them to be more and more marketing plumbing work that they have, they got to have a really quick system to see and vet out people for their it’s starting.
  • Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability! When the team is beginning to form, now it’s time to get into how to always keep them accountable and keep them on track with their key performance indicators. How are we able to track your activity on a daily basis to make sure they stay on task? Do we need to put in systems like recording calls or utilizing scripts in order to make sure that it’s a turnkey operation? These are the powerful plumbing marketing questions that we have to get into in order to make sure their operation is top-notch all the way through.
  • Delegation to Create Time Freedom! Now comes last but not least, the stage of the process that so few owners attain, time freedom. Many of our business owners who have utilized our plumber marketing resources get to see this for themselves! They now get to see a business that’s created them the financial freedom and time freedom to do whatever they see fit for themselves with the business. Maybe they scale it out and franchise the business or maybe they focus really hard on the operation so that they get it to a point where they are totally satisfied with everything and they are set for a consistent course of work forward!

You can grow your business too!

So we have to ask, are you in a situation where you are struggling and need a dedicated team of plumber marketing experts and business growth experts to be able to take your business to the next level? Well we are definitely happy to tell you that we have been the company to do this for hundreds of clients across the nation and we’d love to begin this journey with you too. To get started, simply fill out a form on our website or give us a call at 918.361.3047 to book your hour-long free business assessment.