Plumber Marketing Case Study | Evenflow Plumbing Builds a Wealth-building Powerhouse

Have you been able to notice that there’s a typical formula with successful plumber marketing all around you, but you can’t seem to figure out what they’re doing with their marketing plumbing efforts? Have you been curious about companies out there who provide plumber marketing work and wonder whether their work actually bears fruit? Are you tired of all the years of hard work and labor with no growth and no time freedom?

At Redmond Growth, this is where we find our purpose and our specialty. As one of our sayings goes, “we fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” It’s at the core of where we approach every relationship with our business owners. Whether it comes down to our plumber marketing efforts or the many other aspects that we provide assistance to our clients, it’s always about addressing the biggest limiting factors to our business owners and the revenue producing activities to dramatically grow a business. When a client actually does execute these action items with the aggressiveness we preach about, it really does work wonders. That’s in fact why Evenflow Plumbing has been a fantastic organization to join with us.

Client Profile:

Evenflow Plumbing is a company out of the San Antonio area. In a thriving state and a thriving metro region, they have always been wanting to grow their business. As many of our business owners who join up with us experience, there are just too many charlatans who talk a big game, but don’t provide actual actionable steps of substance. When the owners took a moment from their busy weeks to sit down with Tim Redmond and dive deep into the systems of their business, they soon realized how vitally they needed to move, in order to accomplish their goals.

So they signed on and got started right away with the plumber marketing endeavors and other facets we’ll dive into later on here. If you are interested in seeing, in a practical, tangible way, how we’re able to help your business blossom, give us a call at 918.361.3047 to schedule your free hour-long business assessment with Tim Redmond!

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

    • Revving Up More Work! First and foremost, we have to make sure that our schedules are PACKED with highly valuable work. Many times, the contractors we begin working with already have projects going on and are crazy busy. You may be thinking to yourself, “Oh great! We can simply move on then!” WRONG. The biggest facet about revving up more demand and work for your business is to, in Seth Godin’s word, create something remarkable with your business. Otherwise, no one remarkable will remember your work or business. We also know that every contractor would love to earn business from higher paying clients. So part of our first efforts is to beef up their digital presence with online reviews, lots of high-quality content and great plumber marketing.
    • Explore Profitable Enhancements! Now with marketing plumber services, we can spend every waking moment on a job site, doing estimates or fulfilling service work for residential needs, but are we actually making the most value out of our efforts? These are just one of the many areas that we really dig our heels into. It’s important to ensure that with ALL the work we do, we earn a great percentage of our work to our profits in order to further grow a healthy business. We’ve just interacted with TOO many businesses that are loaded up with jobs and work, but they’re only make 5% to 10% profit on their efforts. Come on! You’re in demand as a contractor…might as well get paid like someone in demand!
    • Digging Deep Into Sales! As I’m sure you may be realizing, we get intense with our efforts to grow your business. It’s because that’s what it takes to grow a business. So when we dive into your sales process, you may already be awesome at selling jobs…but how effective are you at training your staff to be just as good, if not better than you? Are all of your steps to getting a prospect to close documented? Are these steps being constantly followed-up with and made sure that they’re executed? These are the questions we will ask and much more with our weekly meetings because we don’t want our plumber marketing work to go to waste.
    • Managing the Daily Schedule! With everything that needs to be done with the business, a couple things can easily take place. For one thing, your schedule can get so busy that you don’t have time to fulfill any of the actual plumber marketing, revenue-producing activities. And on top of that, business owners and entrepreneurs can easily get absorbed into the business and therefore, lose relationships with their spouses or close friendships. Is there a period where insane intensity needs to happen in order to grow the business? Of course! But there will be a day when you finally receive the time freedom you always wanted. Our plumbing marketing efforts will take you there!
    • Opening Avenues for Quality Help! Then there’s hiring and every contractor goes into panic mode talking about this. While the industry has faced shortages in employment and every contractor has a terrible story regarding terrible employees, good people are in fact out there! One of the things many of our business owners learn as they work with us is that leadership is now mentorship. As you lead the company to immense heights, the only way you’ll get there is by mentoring the team around you to be awesome. So as we continue to excel the business with our plumber marketing work, we also need to excel the team with anything they fulfill, on the job site and off the job site.
    • Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability! With this mentorship comes the tough love of keeping people accountable. This can ultimately be the demise of business owners everywhere, when they can’t keep their team members accountable to being excellent with their work. On the flip side too, they may be a dictator on the job site and inspire people to not continue working with them. The plumber marketing work we will do helps to keep the fire fueled in the business, but we also need people to actually work the fire.
    • Delegation to Create Time Freedom! Finally, the dream scenario has come to pass. After years of grinding away gathering reviews everyday, always reviewing your numbers to spot weak points, and after every interview session with people who will never be good fits, you finally come up with the illustrious goal of time freedom. The business is now a well oiled machine, you’re simply just ensuring that the work gets done all the time and you now have the time freedom to chase around your significant other in Maui (or some other dream spot you’re envisioning right now). Get signed on to work with us, on so much more than your plumber marketing needs to see this come to pass!

You Can Grow Your Business Too!

So what are you still sitting there for? You’ve got so much to offer to the world with your expert skills. It’s time to set up your business with the best, most outrageous plumber marketing so your business can thrive. If you are looking for great accountability and a great team to get your business on track, give us a call at 918.361.3047 and schedule your FREE hour-long business assessment today.