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Are you looking around at your competitors who seize big jobs with great construction marketing? Does it leave you feeling disappointed and honestly, really frustrated with your construction marketing? Do you barely run any construction marketing for your business and need a company to show you the ropes? Well fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place. Redmond Growth is THE company to talk to for contractor marketing services. If you take a look at our case studies page, you will keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, to find over a 150 companies we did business with. Many of them we still do business with! Companies tend to stick around with us, especially when they are diligent doers. So if you are diligent doer, then it’s time to talk to us at 918.361.3047.

Client Profile:

Our core focus as a business is to “fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” With the excellence we provide, it’s no wonder why so many companies, like Oak Alley Build Design, take us up on our offer. They are a build and design company that specializes in their skills. Rather than just any old contractor, they build custom works of art. For his business, he needs specific contractor advertising to market to his ideal and likely buyers. He reached out to us because he needed great help solidifying himself in this niche. And boy, he already sees growth and development!

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

First and foremost, we obviously look to increase the amount of calls you get for the business. Businesses thrive and rely on the customers’ ability to always find them. If customers can’t find their business, then your presence online is similar to a billboard in the woods. Redmond Growth looks to aggressive do all the moves necessary to growing your business. So that translates to a rampage on Google reviews, Yelp reviews, reviews on 3rd party listings, and also video testimonials. Why is there such a huge emphasis on this? How else are customers going to trust that you really do valuable work? Creating a following online of people giving your business 5-stars, it will only grow!

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

What also needs to grow as well is your capabilities to profit from each project you do. So let’s say you signed on a deck remodel for $15000. It’s a nice size deck, but you were not detailed about the profit margins in your work. Furthermore, you did not factor in every cost of your business, like indirect overhead expenses. On top of that, it also decreases the profitability if you miss your deadlines on assignments. Missing your deadlines is no joke! That decreases that profitability of work to less than 10%, which is no bueno. Make this a great priority in your business to always profit well.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

The step by step methods you take with sales also need attention. Just because you are a wizard at closing deals doesn’t mean other people are great. In fact, most people are average or less than good at sales. What we do with businesses is in our construction marketing strategies, lay out a 10 step, best practice process. It involves confirmation emails for appointments, rules for closing appointments, rules for follow-up, and so much more! It really is a beefy document that captures areas that most business do not do. As we see in our construction marketing work, business that implement these steps to the “T” really wow their clients.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Day after day, taking on these new policies with your construction marketing, your day will begin to really get slammed. That’s understandable because really, most people do not get trained on proper time management. Before I took this job, the concept of operating with a calendar and to-do list was very foreign. Now, I could not imagine getting things done without one! In order for your business and your employees to follow structure, you must get religious with your calendar. Figure out each day what you need to take care of and then, time block all of those specific activities into that calendar. This is what the best and most efficient managers do and it’s what you need to do!

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

Utilizing our contractor marketing doesn’t only need to work for your leads and jobs. We can also implement these same principles for hiring great people. We both know though that this is better said than done. Your competitors are likely facing the same troubles and issues with hiring and firing. “There are just no good people out there! These young people don’t want to work!” While yes, people may be getting lazier, great people are still out there. It’s your responsibility for the health of the business to always hire. Even if you are fully staffed, maintaining this consistent ambition to always hire people will lead to great fruits for the future.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

The construction marketing we do really provides the helpful fruits the business needs. You not only want financial freedom though, but you also want time freedom right? In order to get these two areas for your business nailed down, it takes accountability. The mindset needs to shift to always asking, “how can I improve this by 2%?” If you ask that question to yourself every week, you will give yourself great opportunities for constant growth. We also work with businesses to put in place key performance indicators and metrics to always check on the business. Without this, you can not guarantee that the business will continue and thrive without you. Our perspective is that a business that’s fully reliant on you is not a healthy business. Take time and consistent effort to reinforce everything you do and document it!

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Now that this is very detailed and specific, it’s time to celebrate. You are a diligent doer now and just a few months or even couple years into it, you reach the goals you set for yourself in business growth. Trust us, we do this every single day. Working with business owners to expedite their success is what we do. If you want to get your business through the roof, it’s time to call us today at 918.361.3047. You will not regret the construction marketing moves we put in place.

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