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Construction Marketing Case Study | Build Dream Homes With Your Dream Business

Do you already run a fairly good operation, but want to take your construction marketing needs to the next level? Do you find it quite frustrating that other construction marketing companies totally get it wrong? For instance, they don’t practice what they preach? What if your construction marketing firm really did a fantastic job in their own business? Redmond Growth finds it paramount that you see potential to grow your business. Not only will we grant you the contractor marketing services to kick butt, but our business growth strategies will help you take names. Every contractor that dives deep to work with us really sees the value of their commitment. Committing every day and every week to our weekly times and action items only helps the client with their contractor marketing. Our whole goal is to “fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” Whether you consider yourself good or not, we are here to help!

Client Profile:

Take a business like Struct Construction. They actually ended up being a referral from one of our other clients, Tesla Electric. So based on the good word he brought, they were fired up and ready to go! So with one of our star implementation specialists, Nicole Donohue, they took care of work. Now, they are seeing exponential growth in their ability to close deals and get into financial stability. Not only are they closing deals, they are closing higher priced jobs. These results make them clients with us for a really long time. Our confidence in providing construction marketing is through the roof. That’s why you need to at least give us a try by calling 918.361.3047 today.

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

The activities that start every business on is simply growing the revenue of the business. Winning over more work for the business is the sure fire way to do that! Through our strategies and tools to create construction marketing wins, it’s always important to create a perception everywhere that screams your praises. No one really likes the guy that constantly flaunts their praises. The better way to do that is via the word of mouth from other customers. How do you make sure that new customers can always find your word of mouth? Through written reviews on Google, everyone can always find out why you’re awesome!

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

The ability for your work to always properly reward your bank account is immensely important. Yet most business owners do not pay attention to their financial status, which concerns us! While our construction marketing grants your business to always do calls, you must be adamant about ensuring strong profit margins with your work. Profit margins north of 20% is a great starting point. This must be consistent though and if it’s not, then make the change necessary!

Digging Deep Into Sales!

One of the changes lies on each step of your sales process. All we talk about here is the ability to close any of your ideal and likely buyers for work. If your conversion rates are low, then there is some spot in your sales process that is lacking. From each step in the process, you need to ask yourself, “Is my customer being WOWed by this experience?” If they aren’t, what changes do you need to make to ensure that the customer knows your awesome? Just saying it doesn’t make you awesome! What facts and proof can you illustrate to prove it? That’s why Google reviews and video testimonials are fantastic.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Throughout the madness of growing your business into a behemoth, it’s inevitable that your schedule will begin to pile up. What are you going to do to make sure that your life doesn’t die along with your jobs? You still want to be married to your significant other right? Even when you aggressively grow this business, it is crucial that boundaries are set. This not only applies to your significant relationships, but also to the money-making activities of the business. Those estimates don’t make time for themselves. You must make the time. That’s the perception shift that eventually takes place. YOU take ownership of the business and your time, not the jobs or the customers or the employees.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

A quick way to capture time freedom is to hire great people. Unfortunately, this is not a Disney World and energetic, lively people don’t grow on trees. We live in a world that encourages and motivates people to live sad lives. Your job as a business owner is to literally light up the world with your enthusiasm and energy. The real truth about management is that management is now mentorship. Take time to mentor, train and develop your key players in the business. By doing so, you will reap great rewards from your employees!

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

This is likely the stumbling block for most business owners. They get fixated on the burning fires of each day and fail to keep their team members accountable. In order for your business to truly succeed, they must be accountability. Without key performance indicators and tracking, you business will be lacking.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Implementing all of these systems will foster great tips and instructions on success. Not only that, but a mental shift will take place. You no longer will feel like your business and responsibilities control you. You command your ship and seize domain of your territory because you get it. If this is missing from your business and you need the construction marketing pick-me-up, give us a call today. Our contractor advertising goes a long way with clients and it all starts with a 13-point assessment with Tim.

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