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Construction Marketing Case Study | Dominating Tulsa Piece By Piece

Ever wonder why so many contractors deal with such terrible issues in their construction marketing? Do you find it super difficult to effectively promote your business? Does your construction marketing fail to bring really compelling arguments about why people should choose you? If this speaks true to your situation, then it’s definitely time to call Redmond Growth. Our state-of-the-art systems and processes really do take your business to the next level. Find it complex utilizing all of Google’s tools to promoting your business? We know the ins and outs of how Google works and based on our many testimonials and reviews, the evidence speaks for itself. Give us a call today at 918.361.3047 to schedule your free, hour-long business assessment. This is a time where Tim Redmond dedicates an hour to solely give your business action steps forward. They are clear and defined goals to move toward in order to grow your business.

Client Profile:

With the Tulsa Tile Guys, they saw this evidence first hand! They were definitely able to grow their business and their dominance in the Tulsa region. It’s likely because they came in with a coachable attitude to implement the contractor marketing needed to grow the business. While like most clients, they struggled to understand how simply the moves are to growing the business, they eventually got some of the principles from our lead implementation specialist, Robert Redmond. Growing your business doesn’t need to exist as this unsurmountable mountain. You can definitely do it!

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

First and foremost, this is an obviously priority for any business. How can we consistently generate more and more work to with our construction marketing? The first, most important avenue we find, especially for contractors, is the power of reviews and testimonials. It’s a pretty basic premise right? Testimonials and reviews establish your credibility. The problem is that most business owners do not maintain the intensity needed to dominate. While they want to gather reviews and testimonials, they don’t go to the appropriate lengths needed. Our weekly meetings with clients help spark the appropriate fire needed to get them into action. Construction marketing requires consistent work. Do not be deceived!

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

While we bring up deceiving thoughts, a deceptive thought is that “if I just generate more work, then I can actually grow this business.” You actually need to make a substantial amount of money in the business though right? The problem is most business owners are not making a substantial amount of profit. If anything, they are just breaking even or even operating in the hole. For startups, this is inevitable. For the early stages of the business, you will live in the hole and it’s tough. For many companies, it takes several years of this lifestyle to get to profitability. Most business owners though bow out before they persist into revenue-generating territory. Always maintain awareness of your financial situation and ensure that you profit at least 20% on your work.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

Your steps to closing your people is pivotal to taking advantage of each stage. For each stage of the sales process, it’s important to pay attention to what you’re doing. Are you doing the most proactive moves to nailing them down? Are you following a best-practice script to closing deals? We work with so many contractors on their construction marketing. While we incorporate our tools for contractor advertising, the biggest issues may lie in your follow up with prospects. How many times are you calling them to ensure that they answer and respond? An effective, diligent sales cycle will very much, growing the business exponentially.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

Your time will soon be more and more valuable as the business grows. For you to not become a slave to the business, it’s important that you get better and better at saying no. Saying no to activities that are not actively growing your business are essential. Any business owner that is controlled by the daily activities of their business will surely lose their life. Honestly, we face prospects who are controlled by the burning fires of their business. This gets them into terrible situations with their wives and may ultimately lead to divorce. For the sanity of your business and your life, you need to rely on that calendar and stay true to it.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

Hiring and firing top people is always a struggle. It many times takes months upon months to find a great, long-term fit for the company. What we know to be true though is that most applicants will not behave as good fits. Finding good fits for your organization only comes with seeing more and more people. So how does a business owner position themselves for success with hiring? In our best practice system, we encourage that business owners assign a specific time every week to hire. Running a consistent interview that never stops will always provide you the availability to see people. For more details about how to run this system, you can always call us at 918.361.3047.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

The productivity of your business will determine how much time freedom and financial freedom you are able to earn. Business owners operate with a tendency to go half-way on projects and policies. In order to ensure that you actually run a tight ship with your construction marketing, it’s essential that your work be fully documented and processed. With the full accountability that you must enforce, that’s how you can generate consistency in your business.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

With all the moves that we make in our contractor marketing services, you will get to your goals. If you want to achieve those time freedom goals, you must invest in the team around you. You can create an unstoppable funnel for construction marketing, but it must be backed by a great team. Once you finally complete what’s needed for your financial freedom goals, it’s time to consider your time freedom goals. How many hours does your spouse want you to work? How many construction marketing appointments can you actually fulfill each day or each week? Determine these because it will give you more sanity as you grow this beast.

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