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Construction Marketing Case Study | Sticks and Stones Won’t Break Our Bones

Your business survives every single year, yet somehow, your construction marketing doesn’t grow it any larger. It may grow year over year, but the wallet doesn’t feel any fatter. You want to create a beast in your local area and dominate, but for whatever reason, it isn’t clicking. What’s the big deal with your construction marketing? Are you stressed about finding an answer to these construction marketing issues? If any of this is the case, then it’s definitely time to talk with us. Redmond Growth, through in through, looks to “fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” In order for us to operate successfully, you must also operate successfully. Our quality in construction marketing work is totally reliant on the great results we found from our current and past clients.

Client Profile:

Clients like Stone Mill LLC saw this to be true in their own business. Many clients, prior to working with us, create an assumption that all construction marketing companies are devious. They will look to gouge you of your finances and leave you filled with bullet holes. Redmond Growth does just about everything possible (even in a weird turn of events with a client) to ensure this doesn’t happen. Our greatest priority with providing contractor marketing services is that you see the real results in your business. If you don’t, then there’s a problem somewhere. The awesome part is that there are no issues with what’s proven in the systems. The execution is where we get paid the big bucks. So where do we go about executing our contractor marketing work?

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

The first area is most obvious, creating a channel for consistent work to flow forth. Unfortunately most contractors spend zero time trying to understand how to leverage their online presence. When we begin the conversation, we give them a reality check about their online presence. When people look you up online, what will perception be of your company? If they cannot create a positive perception of your company right off the bat, then there’s a big issue! Tap into the Google reviews, video testimonials and offers in order to create a remarkable brand online.

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

Your business obviously looks to generate a ton of work through reliable construction marketing right? Yet when you do this, your bank account isn’t growing in size. Why is this the case? While the construction marketing we implement will grant you tons of work, there still needs to impart an importance on profitability. For each job you sign up, how much will you profit? Are you taking into account all the true costs of your business? We hear sometimes that people charge a certain amount, yet they only take home a minimal sum. This means issues with their employee working pace, the estimating process, billing or elsewhere has problems. Talk with us today to investigate this fully to figure out the scope of concerns.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

Now a company’s sales processes are often underappreciated. The owner closes deals all the time and does not see where to improve. When a business owner finds little areas to improve, it’s important to mystery shop. Not only will your receive the best practice methods with Redmond Growth on construction marketing, but proactively shop the competition. You’ll be surprised to find what other companies do on a regular basis with their contractor advertising. The best way to ensure that you create a great sales system is by documenting each step. Then, hold people accountable to those steps.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

You likely are wondering, “all these steps look great, but how the heck can I implement this stuff?” This is a very common concern with most companies. The owner generates more and more work to their sudden shock, get absolutely slammed. The control of their business is lost and now they always fear growing their business. Redmond Growth looks to relieve clients of this fear by instructing proper training on time management. The skills needed for time management are really pretty easy. The discipline and consistency is what matters. Take time to get spiritual with your calendar and to-do list every morning!

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

Even with the spirituality found in time management, you still only are human. You also want to likely do other activities besides work (like stay married). What’s the simplest way to relieve yourself of time burdens? Hire employees! The problem is that managing and hiring people is not simple at all. While that opens a new can of worms, the process for finding these people is infact simple. Too many people are following the same method for hiring. It’s a total time waster and we would love to educate you on a best-practice system for this.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

Another thing we need to educate you on is enforcing accountability with the team. The mark of a true leader is someone who shows great care for their staff while keeping them in check. They are allowed to do this because they earn the trust and respect of the owner early on. Management of your team is such an underrated area of your business. It’s likely the most important, successful marker to growth. So do not despise the education of management. Rather, soak it all up and implement it! You will see months down the road how shocking of a difference it is.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

Finally, you wanted to accomplish financial freedom and time freedom right? Our program does just this for any diligent doer. Our proven pathway forward grants great success to those who apply the steps. For time freedom and financial freedom help, give us a call today at 918.361.3047. Our solutions to your construction marketing woes will be solved!

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