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Construction Marketing Case Study | Even Commercial Builders Love Us

Losing control of your business and needing some great guidance on your construction marketing? Do the choices you make for construction marketing need a face-lift? Did you try to work with contractor advertising companies in the past, yet when they attempted to deliver construction marketing needs, it totally failed? Tired of me asking questions and just want me to reach the main point? Fine, you just really need talk with Redmond Growth. As you can see from our extensive case studies page, it’s FILLED with page after page of real businesses who worked with us. All these people are continuing to gain tremendous value from our construction marketing guidance or walked away with clear areas of improvement. For some, they walked away realizing they didn’t have what it takes. That’s honestly, perfectly fine!

Client Profile:

A company that did maintain the all-star mentality is a company called Top Commercial Contractors. They, as the business name says, focus on exclusively commercial properties. They found that area to be a significant force for them to gain revenue, so they went for it. What they looked for with Tim Redmond is the need for accountability and a second perspective on key moves. They also looked to him for his guidance on their construction marketing moves. Were they taking the best trajectory forward in their pursuits? What areas were they lacking in? Even for business owners who aren’t as forward-thinking, working with Redmond Growth helps create that mindset. What areas do we dive deep into with our contractor marketing services?

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

The first priority we will make with every client is to ramp up their capabilities with generating work. The work you will create makes your bank accounts happy. You need some dominating construction marketing to take place though. Not just for a couple months either, but consistently over time. Through the efforts to gather tons of Google reviews from your previous clients, you gain notoriety. The social proof and validation is so important for current customers. Statistics online valid this point in various articles. Your business can BOOM, even with commercial work, by enforcing a huge focus on reviews. Not only written reviews either, but video reviews too! Get nuts about this because that’s the only way you will dominate.

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

With all the work you generate in your construction marketing, you also need to ask yourself about how to profit the most. We certainly aren’t saying that you should destroy your customers’ wallets with your work. All we talk about is simply getting what you deserve for the quality you bring. Most of clients are premium providers in their areas. Providing the exceptional work that their customers love comes with a price though. Often, we find that our contractors do not position themselves for success financially. They only leave jobs with the low-low profits of 10% of less. That’s terrible! At a minimum, our contractors (especially remodelers and construction companies), need 20% profits. We know it’s possible, even for rural areas, so it’s time to talk with Redmond Growth to get this problem figured out.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

Something else to figure out is how you can consistently generate the needed results to expedite your business growth. While we take those proactive steps right off the bat with construction marketing tools, we need to also dive into your sales process. What the specific steps you take to completing your work? What do your first appointments look like? How are you wowing your clients in the process? This is a really important step to implement in your business. If you believe there’s any hope to delegating these sales responsibilities to someone other than you, then this will be a HUGE role.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

What should we make of your daily calendar though? Tons of business owners are scared to grow any larger than they are at now. This is either due to what they’ve heard from other colleagues, their own bad experiences or their comfortability with the money they make. In some cases, it’s pure laziness which is very difficult for us to help with. We thrive the best at providing construction marketing work to diligent doers. So by getting religious with your calendar and your to-do list, you place a huge importance on this.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

For lots of contractors, this is the giant hiccup in the way of their financial and time freedoms. Finding and hiring great employees is often the most challenging part. You cannot grow to any significant level without a team on your side. So for construction marketing purposes, it’s even important to emphasis your contractor advertising on hiring needs too. Posting up Indeed hiring ads that peak people’s interests and give these people something to look forward to with their manual labor jobs.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

Then there’s the element that very few want to dive deep into, keeping people accountable. While finding and hiring great people is a challenge in itself, it’s even more challenging to manage and maintain awesome individuals. Doing this and getting skilled at it grants you infinite opportunity to grow. So with accountability, we actually give business owners best practice methods to deal with conflicts. Conflict management and resolution really give a great guidance to business owners who feel controlled by their employees. So in the midst of the construction marketing development, develop your team too!

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

There are many reasons why people work with Redmond Growth. Some sign up to employ the construction marketing tools in their business. Some look for the guidance of a business leader that’s in line with their Christian values. Some just need someone to yell at them and keep them accountable as business owners. All of them though are attracted to the BIG goal of time freedom and financial freedom in their work. We do this with business owners all the time. The only stipulation though is that you actually function as a diligent doer. So whether you are a startup or have been in this business for decades, join up with us today. For the right guidance, call 918.361.3047 to take care of your needs.

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