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Construction Marketing Case Study | Making More Money & Busier Than Ever

Do your construction marketing efforts never seem to make you more money or give more jobs? Does your perception online not involve much and need a face-lift? Is that because you haven’t really done some consistent construction marketing that WOWS clients? It’s time to talk with Redmond Growth then. Our capacity to take care of all your needs with construction marketing is why so many clients love us. Of course, people will be skeptical starting up with us. I mean, we do have 300 or more Google reviews and dozens of client testimonials over our work. Still, there are so many charlatans out there that feed on business owners relentlessly. That’s why it’s awesome that you can work with a construction marketing company that has the credentials to trust.

Client Profile:

A core quote with our work is that “we fix broken businesses and make good businesses great.” What that means is we maintain a burning passion and desire to take any business and improve them from where they’re at. For instance, with A-Plus Construction, we were definitely able to work with the business owner and encourage them to raise their prices significantly. What’s even crazier is that no one even flinched a muscle. His customers like him so much that even with the price changes, he’s all good to go and all the happier. This is a important too, we do not only do construction marketing work. As you’ll find out below, we are involved in just about every aspect of the business on top of their contractor advertising.

How Do We Help Every Contractor Grow Their Business?

Revving Up More Work!

The first step for any business is to figure out how to always get constant work in the door. Since it’s the first step, for most people, it’s the last step of their business life. More times than not, they fail to build their stoicism to withstand the constant rejection that it takes to thrive. The key question is how many no’s will it take for you to reach your goals? For many, this is a quick turn-off. For you though, since you are diligent doer, it’s important to build that referral base, generate tons of reviews and turn on lead generation platforms (and ACTUALLY use them to the fullest).

Explore Profitable Enhancements!

Enhancing your construction marketing is one thing, but more important than that, you’ve got to enhance the profits of your business. If you are someone just getting started with contractor marketing services, then yeah, you need to prove yourself. If you worked in this industry for ten years though and people are always coming to you, then please raise your prices. It’s so easy for us to identify whether an entrepreneur is selling themselves short. If they can’t stand the thought of raising their prices, then they need to mystery shop their competition. This happens all the time in the business world and it will happen to you at some point. Prepare yourself for battle and dominate in your profitability.

Digging Deep Into Sales!

With all the work we fulfill for our clients with construction marketing, they will see more and more calls coming in. The biggest question is what happens once they come through the door? This topic often takes months upon months to hammer down. Entrepreneurs (not you, other ones) do not think deeply about what it takes to truly WOW customers. There’s a hole segment of entrepreneurs that grew up and operate with half-baked ambitions. They aren’t going to spend more than an hour or one try focusing on a difficulty. Work with us to dig deep into your sales process to master it.

Managing the Daily Schedule!

The contractor marketing and all the systems we instruct on at Redmond Growth will foster into fantastic results. There’s also another lesson we must go through as well for time management. Most do not function with a backbone or diligence to say no often. They focus on the burning fires of the moment and don’t grant themselves time to do their highest and best use activities. Living this way will only teleport you years down the road with zero growth or accomplishment. What the business owner must do is make a mental shift to OWN their life. Take command of it takes to do what you need to do in your business.

Opening Avenues for Quality Help!

Hiring and firing to many are the hardest parts of entrepreneurship. It’s not bad that it’s difficult because it’s human to care about cutting off someone’s livelihood. Unless you’re a cold-blooded, white walker out of Game of Thrones, you care about firing. What’s important to understand about it all is that the business exists to serve you. With this mindset, also understand and constantly ask, what’s best for the business? In order to determine that and hire quality people, you’ve gotta build a system that weeds out the terrible fits (which are most people) to the great or decent fits.

Nailing Down Productivity and Accountability!

Once you actually build a team, now it’s time to group together the people for central goals. In the team or company, it’s important that you maintain the productivity of the group. Keeping them accountable and following up will be huge. You cannot guarantee that your team will consistently, reliably go the distance if there’s no validation. Set key performance indicators that you measure DAILY so that your team gets it. If you get lazy with your tracking and management, they will be lazy with their work.

Delegation to Create Time Freedom!

With all the fun and toil of growing your business, you now see the light of your years of work. For all the times you got cursed at, denied and betrayed by former employees, you now manage an awesome staff. In fact, you employed an A+ player all-star who manages them for you. Now, you only work in the business a few hours each week! It’s still your baby, but it grows every week through turn-key construction marketing. I know it’s crazy that the systems actually work, but they really do! So just give us a call right now at 918.361.3047 so your business can finally thrive in a world that doesn’t.

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