C & R Contracting | Now Works For the Business Owner's Goals | Over 500% Growth




Colorado Springs, Colorado

Where They Started & Where They Are Now:

Joined Redmond Growth as a one-man remodeler, doing $167,000 per year below a 20% net profit. C & R just finished 2021 doing over $1,000,000 at a 20% net profit.

How Did We Do It?

  • Built best practice WordPress website for organic lead generation 
  • Increased SEO and Google Business Listing ranking to move their ad budget to 0% 
  • Implemented a hiring system to build a team of supervisors and field workers, taking the owners out of the field 
  • Defined Unique Value Proposition and Sales Process to charge high-quality prices without losing customers.
  • The owners, Ryan & Chelsea, are now in the middle of building their dream home, Ryan is home by 3pm every day to spend time with his two babies, and the business continues to grow profitably without relying on the owners to make it happen.

C&R Contracting

"Thanks to Redmond Growth, my company has grown from a one-man-show to having multiple employees and thriving. Robert (one of the coaches) has not only taken the time to build a professional relationship, but also cares about me and my family on a personal level. I would recommend Redmond Growth to anyone who wants to successfully improve their business."
Ryan Kilday
Owner/Operator of C&R Contracting