The Redmond Team brings transformational growth to you and your business.

With almost 30 years of experience growing multi-million dollar businesses, Tim works side by side with you in your dreaming, planning, implementation, and ongoing decision making.
Teaching gives you information, but training transforms your life. Tim is passionate about delivering training solutions that meet your organization’s needs.
Keynote Presentations
Corporations, conferences, and associations welcome Tim and his lively keynotes to motivate their audience to grow in greater purpose, passion, and productivity.

Both his personal experience in running a large organization and his manner of delivering his insights resulted in immediate and sustained improvements in my organization. -Brian Klemmer


After 5 years of 0% growth followed by a year of negative growth, Tim’s careful counsel increased our business by 43% in the first year, even with tough economic challenges. Then, we grew 94% the following year. -Paul Taylor


As a businessman, I fully trust Tim’s unique insight with regard to every component of what it takes to run a successful operation. He understands marketing, operations, finance and is a great mentor to leaders. -Bruce Mow