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The Redmond Team brings transformational growth to you and your business.

Coaching & Consulting

With almost 30 years of experience growing multi-million dollar businesses, Tim works side by side with you in your dreaming, planning, implementation, and ongoing decision making.

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Workshops & Seminars

Corporations, conferences, and associations welcome Tim and his lively workshops & seminars to motivate their audience to grow in greater purpose, passion, and productivity.

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Brian KlemmerBoth his personal experience in running a large organization and his manner of delivering his insights resulted in immediate and sustained improvements in my organization. -Brian Klemmer



Paul TaylorAfter 5 years of 0% growth followed by a year of negative growth, Tim’s careful counsel increased our business by 43% in the first year, even with tough economic challenges. Then, we grew 94% the following year. -Paul Taylor



Bruce MowAs a businessman, I fully trust Tim’s unique insight with regard to every component of what it takes to run a successful operation. He understands marketing, operations, finance and is a great mentor to leaders. -Bruce Mow

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