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[00:00:00] All right today we’re talking about Redmon growth consulting they are business consultants Tulsa the number one solution when it comes to growing a successful and profitable business. If you are a business owner and you need help maybe you are struggling with your sales. Maybe you need help managing your team or your needing help with time management whatever you need. You need to reach out to Redmen growth consulting today because they are the best when it comes to business consulting and business coaching. Yes. [32.3]
[00:00:32] And time management is so key for entrepreneurs especially if you’re first starting out. You don’t want to burn out and run yourself into the ground getting started. You have to have a schedule time for your family and for fitness for fun you. Have to have those six goals which you can learn about with Redmon growth consulting just to make sure that you have a balance to your life as much as you love what you’re doing you’re not completely consumed with it and letting other areas of your life fall. [32.6]
[00:01:06] That’s really why I know when it comes to business consultants Tulsa reddleman growth consulting. They are able to help so many entrepreneurs who get overwhelmed and are chronically stressed out with all the aspects involved with running your own business. They are able to direct you and show you the proven path to freedom Time Freedom Financial Freedom and just like her enlisting all of those healthy habits that you want in in a life that feels balanced and manageable and sustainable. So Redmon growth consulting they’re going to be your best bet when it comes to finding expert advice when it comes to business coaching. [41.5]
[00:01:48] They are also great with helping you build your confidence when you’re running a business and you’re either selling a product or service. You’re not only selling that item but you’re also selling yourself so you have to be able to present yourself in a way that is confident even if it’s your first time doing this or your first time approaching a certain issue in your company. You have to learn how to fake it till you make it and put that confidence on. [25.6]
[00:02:14] That’s really good. I’m with Redmen growth consulting and they are business consultants Tulsa who really achieve exceptional results for their clients. They have clients in a variety of industries and they’re able to help you scale your business and create duplicable systems that help you grow one of their clients a success story that they had they were able to help this client with targeting and retargeting online ads. They were able to boost her search engine optimization and they were also able to obtain new leads and this business was owned by a husband and wife a couple and they were able to offer their business consultants Tulsa’s services and helped them take their business to the next level. [43.9]
[00:02:59] They definitely help with organizations as well. So if you’re not a person who is naturally inclined to be organized and getting everything and where it should be and doing things on time and on a schedule basis they can help you with your organization and help and still those habits and you and your organization. [19.3]
[00:03:19] Another great thing about Redmon and growth consulting is they can help you with your PR and your marketing as business consultants Tulsa. They are experts in getting you the exposure that you need on the local our global scene some local customers have been featured on Tulsa World. We’ve also been able to get national features on FOX on CNN. K-J our age all the channels CNN Bloomberg. That is what Redmon growth consulting can do for you. They are the best when it comes to business consultants Tulsa look them up online today Redmon growth dot com Redmon growth dot com. [35.5]
[00:03:55] Thank you for listening. [0.7]

Anytime you need.

Business consultants Tulsa was the best place to go to find business console’s tolls.

Redmon growth consulting and you can go to their Web site at Redmen growth dot com. You can check out the business coaching tab and see the great many things they offer here for business coaching. You can get some videos here of him talking about keynotes and just having him you know doing a motivational speech. Great way to be able to kind of get an eye into what he offers and sort of what his plan entails. The problem is that most all businesses fail. Eighty percent of businesses fail within the first two years if they survive. After that most businesses never create enough momentum to fulfill their mission dreams. And that’s that’s the reality folks. And the thing is is that I think everyone when they hear you know business consulting they think oh my gosh this guy’s going to try to give me some Wow information that’s supposed to change my whole life and make my business grow and no it’s it’s that he’s going to change it. Really it’s a paradigm shift. And so when you shift the way that you’re looking at your business and you shift the energy that you put in into other areas that are going to benefit the business more that is when you truly start to see things from a different angle and understand. How to make money in your market whatever that may be. And so if you haven’t had a chance to check us out please go online to Redmen growth dot com you can give us a call today to contact us at 9 1 8 3 6 1 0 3 0 4 7.

They also on the Web site have a number of different case studies where you can kind of look at the different people that they’ve been able to kind of help around the area. And see. How they’ve helped them get.

More business. And in the end more money in their pocket right here with the best business consultants Tulsa has to offer.

So you know if you have been looking for business consultants Tulsa and you want the best business consultants Tulsa has to offer.


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