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[00:00:01] All right we are here today talking about business consultants Tulsa Karena who are we featuring today. [5.8]
[00:00:07] We are featuring Tim Redmond. [1.7]
[00:00:09] He is with Redmond growth consulting and we are going to talk about why you need to choose your business. Awesome. [7.2]
[00:00:16] I’ve heard really great things about them over there at Redmen growth consulting. [3.5]
[00:00:20] I’ve heard that when you’re looking for business consultants Tulsa they are your number one choice. What are some key items you can share with us about Tim Redman and Redmon growth consulting. So Redmen growth consulting can help you get unstuck from what is slowing you down or stopping you from generating big profit. So if you have specific things that are holding you back in your business they can help you to generate more profit by taking a different approach to your problem. So when you’re looking for business consultants Tulsa and Redmon growth coaching they can help you get unstuck What are some of the ways. How do you think people get stuck. Like what does that mean when they’re saying help you get unstuck. [39.9]
[00:01:00] What do you think people get stuck with. So they can actually help you get a better perspective on your business and take a different approach to the problems that you’ve already been dealing with and maybe give you some ideas that you haven’t thought of different ways to approach the same issue but in a different way and in a more purposeful way. [19.9]
[00:01:21] So as a business coach when you work with Redmon growth consulting and they can be your business consultants Tulsa who help you look at your strengths look at your weaknesses. Kind of give you a different perspective or give you that bird’s eye view to help you figure out which step to take next. What else do they do. [16.8]
[00:01:39] So with their approach they’re very trustworthy and candid when it comes to giving you advice. So they’re not going to lead you down a path because it’s more comfortable they’re going to tell you the rough stuff and tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear. [15.7]
[00:01:55] That’s nice. So it’s like they hold your hand they got you down the path they walk you through it sounds like these business consultants Tulsa they’re helping you increase your sales. They can help you with your marketing your graphic design really anything I guess that applies to a business is that right. [14.2]
[00:02:09] That’s right. They can also help you with productivity. So you may be spending too many man hours working on things that are not actually grow. Or they can help you to get more profitable results. So finding out where to use your time in the most profitable way. [16.8]
[00:02:27] That’s nice. Now I know we’ve both met Tim Redmond before of Redmond growth Consulting. He and his son are both business consultants Tulsa and they seem really passionate and like really knowledgeable when it comes to business coaching and just working with organizations to help them increase their profits. Colonel did you have anything else. [20.2]
[00:02:48] Very knowledgeable very friendly as well. They are definitely like in the field that they were meant to be in. [5.3]
[00:02:53] Sure. I think Tim like he has a very strong background in business. I know he created like a multimillion dollar company and was able to sell that at the height of that business. And they also do speaking they can help you just learn which way to go for your company whether you’re franchising if you’re a startup you’re looking to grow maybe you’re a seasoned business person you’ve been in business for eight 10 20 years that you’re in a rut. They can help you. I know Tim also talks about like reducing the stress in your business and your personal life. Identifying which elements are missing. And what about the six goals I always hear Clay talk about those do you remember those six goals like your faith. [41.6]
[00:03:36] Family Family Fitness. [2.1]
[00:03:39] Finances. Friendships as well and on. Yes definitely. Yeah. In your life. Yes it is important and so I think when you are looking for business consultants Tulsa but they’re going to do is help you design a business that serves you. So you have that time freedom that financial freedom and then you’re able to focus on those six goals and live your highest and best life. And they also can help you deliberately. Kind of like make a plan. Sometimes entrepreneurs are balancing so many different plates. What’s great about the redmen growth consulting group is that they have a team that can support you and so you don’t have to worry about designing your print pieces you don’t have to worry about your body or for your photography. They can take care of all of that for you as part of your coaching. [45.7]
[00:04:27] You can connect with Redmon growth consulting by calling them at 9 1 8 3 6 1 3 0 4 7 mice and their web site is Redmon growth dot com. [9.6]
[00:04:37] Again that’s breadman growth dot com. You can call them check them out online today. [4.2]

Anytime you need business consultants Tulsa the best place to look for those business consultants is right here at Redmond growth. You’re going to see a comprehensive Web site when you go online. To read ingrowth dot com. Great way to be able to check out. You know you know all the great things we offer and really why we are the number one business consultants also has to offer. So please if you haven’t had a chance to come check out the business consultants so that we have right here at Redmon growth Please do as I said if you do go to the Web site you’re going to see 25 Reasons to work with Tim Redmond as your business coach and get you know a little feedback also from people that have worked with him as well and see how they have talked about him being a gifted author speaker and coach and how he has helped them reduce stress in their business and personal life. Overcome boredom and distraction to reignite the heart of the business and boost sales and better marketing. Get better perspective on what strengths and weaknesses expand locations and operations. In the right way. At the right time strengthening your skills in conflict management and improve relationships in every area of business. These are all things that you can do right here at Redmen growth consulting So please if you haven’t had a chance to. See you know all the great things that we’re doing here at Redmon growth and the great companies that we have helped grow you really need to come down and check out the awesome. Coats we have right here and Tim Redmond.


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