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[00:04:51] All right we are here today talking about Redmon grows and grows consulting business consultants in Tulsa. CARRENO What do you have for us today what can Redmon grads consulting offer. [12.9]

[00:05:05] They can offer you a different perspective when it comes to your business. They can also offer you action items to make your business more productive. [9.3]

[00:05:15] And more profitable. Nice. Everybody wants to make more money right. I know Tim Redmond also talks a lot with business consultants Tulsa and Redmon growth consulting He talks about ways to help people work from a place of creativity and where they’re thriving instead of being super stressed out and I’m just surviving I know sometimes in business you are an entrepreneur when you’re excited you start out you’re hardworking but a lot of times entrepreneurs can have burned out and that’s where business consultants Tulsa can help you because they can come alongside of you and give you the tools and the resources and the support that you need to grow. They also help you expand your operations they can help you with your product lines and videography photography and business consultants. Tulsa are going to be your best bet when you’re looking for growth consulting or business coaching. You want to contact Redmen growth consulting to help you with those needs. Colonel I know you’ve done like all sorts of things you’ve done as CEO. You’ve been in management. What would you say are the benefits of having a business coach or if you are looking for business consultants. Also what can they offer you and what can they do for you. [1:15.8]

[00:06:32] So with a business coach you can definitely get you know action items for your business. You can get. You know ways to reduce your stress. Owning a business running a business. Personally I do take on quite a bit of stress just keeping the business afloat and getting started in the beginning. So having someone to help you with the process and help you along the way is really going to reduce your stress and also make sure you’re on the right path. You’re not wasting time with things that aren’t going to matter. [33.8]

[00:07:07] Yes this is great. These are all the things that business consultants Tulsa can do for you give you confidence give you a proven path to success. You know that other successful entrepreneurs have gone down helping you to effectively grow and change. You get a good bang for your buck because you can pay one monthly fee but have access to graphic designers. Coder’s web developers search engine optimization specialist. Any type of need that you have when you’re looking for business consultants Tulsa Redmon grows consulting is the way to go. What else do they offer over there. I know Tim Redmon and Robert Redmond Brunow them really well and they are very passionate about what they do. What are other business consultants Tulsa services that they offer. [49.9]

[00:07:57] So one of the big things that they do when they get started working with you is to help you determine what your purpose is with your business and. To determine exactly where your goal is and what your end game. So to get on a direct path towards what you want to end up on they can get your goals from you and then give you action items to get there. [23.2]

[00:08:21] Nice. So they really help you get your business on the right track get your business on the map and really own your industry and become an industry leader and to increase your profitability to increase your exposure and everybody wants to have a stress. Free Life. You know we all love that we might have a little bit of stress but you know how to manage your stress manage your time to have the support that you need and to really increase your profits. You want to contact Redmon and growth consulting their website is. W w w regimin growth dot com. Again that’s w w w dot Redmon growth dot com. They are business consultants Tulsa who are excited to help you grow your business and take it to the next level. [46.0]

You don’t just run across to a great business consultant every day and so when you find one that has good rapport or that is excepted and in love widely by the people around the area you definitely want to jump on that opportunity and so what we want to do today is just offer you a chance to be able to see why people are raving about the business they are receiving right here at Redmen growth consulting. As I said you can go to the Web site.

And check them out online. They’ve been showcased everywhere from Wall Street Journal CNBC Fox News The New York Times Washington Post Bloomberg a number of different things and. He’s trained thousands of you know business leaders and so just really great guy really great plan and really great way for you to be able to. Utilize the.

Energy that you have to be put in the places that are going to count and you’re in your business. So please call 9 1 8 3 6 1 30 47 today if you haven’t spoke with us before and scheduled time to come down and talk to us here you can also you know check us out online at Redmen Grove dot com that’s the Web site.

So please if you need business consultants Tulsa and you don’t know where to look this place to find business consultants Tulsa is right here at Redmen growth.

We’ve been doing it for quite a number of years now and continue to thrive in the business. And so we just really really implore you that you take the time out of your day to come in and try us out and see why everyone’s loving the great service that they receive right here Redmon growth. Everyone’s loving it. It’s great. It really is. Redmon growth.


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