Christian Business Coaching | Benefits of Choosing Redmond Growth Consulting

Christian Business Coaching | Benefits of Choosing Redmond Growth Consulting
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Are you an entrepreneur looking to grow your business? Have you contemplated the benefits of Christian business coaching? Have you been looking for a business coach that is rooted in Christian values and principles? Have you been looking for a coach that not only cares about your business but you as a person? If you answered yes to these questions then call Redmond growth consulting at 918-298-7766.

t Redmond growth consulting, we pride ourselves on having excellent customer service in the way that we treat each customer with the utmost importance. Because of our Christian business coaching background, we highly value going about business practices with the highest amount of integrity and business ethics. Customer service is highly valued and is one of the main reasons why any business is extremely successful. Not only will you be treated with the highest amount of respect, but your business is sure to exponentially grow and prosper. Redmond growth consulting has found a guaranteed way to ensure that businesses grow not only financially but also ensuring that your business will eventually work for you and not the other way around.

Tim Redmond, founder of Redmond growth consulting, has decades of experience in regards to business and Christian business coaching. With an accounting degree from Oral Roberts University, a faith-based institution, Tim Redmond fully understands how infuse to Christian principles in the corporate world. Originally starting out as a CPA for Price Waterhouse Cooper, Redmond began to venture out into starting and growing various businesses successfully. Assuredly, Tim Redmond not only has the knowledge but also the experience to ensure that your business will grow and be extremely successful with him at your side. His main goal and desire is to ensure the success of Christian businesses by using standard Christian principles and practices.

A main concern that many have when thinking of business coaching is that the business coach needs to be an expert in their specific industry. However, Tim Redmond has worked with various businesses in a wide array of industries. No matter if you’re just starting your business or if you’ve been running it for a while, Redmond growth consulting is here to help you in any stage of your business. Furthermore, due to his Christian background, Tim Redmond is dedicated to developing your business in an ethical yet successful manner. Therefore, Tim Redmond is most definitely the top choice you should make in regards to Christian business coaching.

Whether you need help growing your business or you simply feel stuck and unsure of where to go next with your business, look no further than Redmond growth consulting. With their Christian background, they are sure to make you feel not only important but as if you are a part of the family. Regardless of what industry you are involved in, Tim Redmond is dedicated to making sure that you find success in your field. Therefore, give Redmond growth consulting a call at 918-298-7766.

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