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Tulsa Business Consulting | Business Coaching – Mistake Made by $3 – $10 million Businesses

Being Afraid to Hold Themselves and Others Accountable for Performance

One business owner I acted as his Tulsa business consulting expert that provided a powerful Tulsa business coaching process fell into this trap that stifles growth.

He was a nice guy who didn’t want to upset the apple cart. He was afraid to hold others accountable for their performance because they would figure out a way to retaliate or get offended and quit.

As his Tulsa Business Consulting specialist, I helped him understand what business is all about. It is creative compassion in action that focuses on serving people. Business starts by creating value in a way that attracts others who want to pay for that value (whether it is a product or service or both). It is focused on serving others with that value. It is focused on building long-term, trustworthy relationships because the product or service “wows” his/her clients.

When he is afraid of addressing someone who is not creating the value they are expected to produce, he is telling everyone in his company AND his clients that it is OK to have a substandard performance. Worse yet, he is stunting the growth of his employees. As a Tulsa business coaching expert, I had to address this issue straight forward. Here is the quote I began our business coaching session with:

You cannot complain about what you tolerate!

When he began to see that it was his responsibility to encourage, challenge, and hold himself and his employees accountable for their work, things began to change positively in his business.

Being in the people development business for over 30 years, I have discovered one amazing, life-transforming truth:

Without accountability, nothing gets done. Absolutely nothing.

Another related statement is also true:

               Without accountability, nothing improves.

Accountability is something “other people” need (certainly not you and me! J). It is something many people talk about but rarely get involved in unless they are in the driver’s seat holding someone else accountable for the agreed upon results.

We want to protect those things that are our own. We don’t want to open up our heart and life and show anyone where we have made mistakes. It seems too risky.

These are some of the thoughts that keep us from setting up an accountability system. However, the best run companies and highest performance people overcome their fears and subject themselves to this powerful process.

Why is it so powerful? Accountability is the key to creating your plan, and it is also essential to make sure you work the plan. It will help you reach your desired destination.

Not having a system like this set up is one of the primary reasons for planning failures. Few goals and plans of significance get done unless the person creating and implementing the plan puts himself at risk.

How do you put yourself at risk? How do you make sure you stay motivated when you feel like giving up? Accountability is at the heart of motivation and putting yourself at risk. As his Tulsa business consulting expert, I had to provide Tulsa business coaching insight into the various levels of accountability.

There are 3 levels of accountability:

  1. The first level of accountability is with you. It is keeping promises and commitments you make to yourself. Being a person of integrity and action is necessary for sustaining long term growth. Be a person who does what you say and finishes what you start. As Stephen Covey urges, consistently win these private victories. Keeping promises you make to yourself is the key to increasing the strength of your character.
  2. The second level is with God. Accountability to God is determining to keep your commitments as if you made them to the Almighty. It is also having the motivation to honor God in WHAT you do and HOW you do it.

Every step of obedience is a step towards wealth creation. To obey is better than any sacrifice. When you submit your plan with its corresponding action items to Him, He will guide you in the implementation of your plan. Predetermine to instantly obey His leading. Obedience is key to this second level of accountability.

As a student at ORU decades ago, I listened to Oral Roberts address a leadership group of which I participated. At the end of the session, he allowed the students to approach him with questions.

I rushed up and asked him, “What advice would you give to a young person like me aspiring to leadership?”

His eyes looked up to the ceiling in thought. Then he looked right through me as he responded. I’ll never forget his words.

“The key to the supernatural and setting the captives free is instant obedience.”

Although he didn’t use the word “leadership” in his response, he gave me his definition of leadership. Setting the captive free. Your plan and destiny is tied directly or indirectly with this as well. Instant obedience is the key to fulfilling your God-given, God-directed plan that helps to solve problems for others.

  1. The third level is with others – your mentors, managers, employees, friends, and relatives – those people who are in your inner circle.

Some ways of putting yourself at risk is by letting others know of your plan. Get them involved in helping you.

When you involve others, it puts a positive pressure on you to stay the course and never give up.

Reward. Another way of keeping yourself motivated is to give yourself a significant reward for reaching your milestones. Celebrate every time you complete an action item or reach one of the goals in the plan. Know that every successful plan is filled with numerous small steps. Keep motivation high by rewarding yourself and the team for taking each step,

Ouch! Also exact a big enough price to pay – something that will motivate you to get back on track if you don’t take constant action with your plan.

One example is to make a commitment to one of your accountability partners to give a large, agreed upon amount of money to a given charity if you slack off on keeping your commitments to accomplish your plan. Perhaps you may agree to take a cold shower for at least 45 seconds every day for a week. Choose and commit to something that will motivate you to keep pursuing your plan.

The bottom line is to provide some point of pain and pleasure to stay motivated. Give yourself some benefit to move towards and some pain or loss to want to avoid and tie that directly to staying focused on accomplishing your goals. This is crucial that I convey as his Tulsa business consulting person who cared much about his success and wanted to provide superior Tulsa business coaching expertise.

It is so important to set up an accountability partner or team. As John Eldredge alluded to, set up an intimate ally working with God to bring out your greatness. This is someone who not only helps you in your weakness but primarily encourages you to live from your strengths.

Remember, action is what separates the good from the great – from those who merely wish – to those who make stuff happen and accomplish their goals.

Please consider and respond to these questions to help you incorporate a powerful system of accountability:

  1. What is one thing in your life and business that you are tolerating but need to immediately address?
  2. How are you going to approach this issue to courageously address it?
  3. What coach is active in your life holding you accountable to your highest priorities and living your purpose?

This content was written by Tim Redmond, Tulsa Business Consulting expert who specializes in providing superior Tulsa business coaching.

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