25 Reasons to Work with Tim Redmond as Your Business Coach

  1. Get unstuck from what is slowing you down or stopping you generating big profits.
  2. Gain an objective perspective of the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
  3. Better manage your cash flow and find new ways of funding profitable growth.
  4. Implement specific steps to boost your sales and better your marketing.
  5. Have a trustworthy, confidential business expert and friend who will help you clarify and act on solid ideas.
  6. See and take advantage of opportunities right under your nose.
  7. Attract, develop, and retain the right people and get rid of the wrong people.
  8. Set up powerful systems that free you to work ON your business instead of IN your business.
  9. Help you create a high performance team that is massively productive and profitable.
  10. Identify missing elements in your plan to increase the right action to produce big results.
  11. Reduce the stress in your business and personal life.
  12. Work from a place of creating and thriving rather than reacting and surviving.
  13. Deliberately live your purpose and mission to make a profound difference in the world.
  14. Want to overcome boredom and distraction to re-ignite your heart in your business.
  15. Expand operations, new locations, and product lines the right way in the right time.
  16. Strengthen your skills in conflict management and improve relationships in every area of your business.
  17. Lead with greater confidence and overcome obstacles.
  18. Become more assertive and make decisions faster and easier.
  19. Take control of your time and schedule.
  20. Enjoy your work and have more fun with your business.
  21. Want to put your business on the map as an industry leader.
  22. Increase your ability to develop and release leaders at all levels in your business.
  23. Initiate change effectively within your organization.
  24. When the time is right, sell your business for a maximum price.
  25. Create a positive, proactive environment that promotes personal and business growth.

Tulsa Business Consulting Produces Results via Tulsa Business Coach

These 25 reasons are real, measurable, and are experienced by Tim Redmond’s clients. The top performers, regardless of their industry or expertise – whether it be running a business, acting, competing in sports – the people who ascend to the top of their mountain of influence frequently hire an executive coach or a Tulsa business consulting firm who specializes in developing the leader AND growing their organization.

Think of successful individuals and organizations. Almost without fail, every successful person, company and project had an active business coach, especially the Tulsa business consulting company of Tim Redmond’s, behind the scenes bringing out the best the people and business. People who want to dramatically increase their results invest in getting valuable input AND invite a business growth expert to hold them accountable to plan the work then work their plan. The invite what most people run away from – what is that? Being held accountable for results they commit to create.

Results are the ultimate test whether something or someone is improving. Is carrying their weight. Is worth their investment. In Tim Redmond’s experience coaching and training countless business owners and entrepreneurs, leaders tend to first respond to making improvements by making excuses. An excuse is a permission slip to stay where you are. The most effective entrepreneurs are allergic to excuses. Excuses, to them, are cancer to their ideas and businesses.

Success demands you replace excuses with results. To which are you more committed? There is magic in committing to creating a certain result then working relentlessly to make sure stuff gets done. When challenges come, when stress happens, people revert to habit. What is your “under stress” habit? Is it making excuses or making a difference? Is it allowing something on the inside of you to die or in the face of the resistance and undesirable results, you stand up with resolute courage and determination to say, I shall succeed!

What is the story you tell when things do not appear to going your way? What comes out of you when you are squeezed like a sponge? Is it excuses or your commitment to action? If you decide to want to continue to tell everyone your story of hardships and never winning, several things will happen. First, people will get tired of hearing your drivel that leads to nowhere ever. Second, you will reinforce your inadequacy, weakness and lack of creativity. When you tell a story that you are not winning or on your way to winning, you shut down your creativity and imagination. You stifle your faith and ability to innovate. You begin to believe the lie that you are stuck and will never succeed. It is easy to pull back and disengage from the struggle of creating. But when you fall prey to this hideous mindset, something in you dies. Third, you are blinded by the opportunities hiding in plain sight right under your nose.

There is a better way. If any of these 25 reasons listed above are the kinds of results you want to create on a consistent basis, it is time to engage the top Tulsa business consulting firm, Redmond Growth Consulting. An Tulsa executive coach like Tim Redmond can help you change your story and help you make a clear pathway to from living a defeated, hopeless existence to living an inspired life full of positive relationships, financial freedom, and purposely living out your priorities. Are you ready to change your story? Are you hungry to improve your results? Are you ready to experience a significantly higher level of success without feeling guilty or experience regret?

Living out your priorities and purpose ignites the unique internal wiring with which you have been equipped. Living an inspired life is living a life where excuses are not allowed to be entertained in your mind or spoken from your mouth. It is a life where you have broken the glass ceiling your disempowered beliefs have built over your head and life.

If you are ready to destroy the glass ceiling over your thinking, life and business, it is time call Tulsa Business Consulting firm Redmond Growth Consulting lead by Tim Redmond. Experience Tim’s amazing, insightful Business Evaluation to give you a fresh, new empowered view of your business with concrete action steps to begin significantly growing your business. Email or call Tim directly at 918.361.3047.