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According to the Small Business Administration, 67% of jobs are created by business that employ 10 people or less.

Don’t stress, we have a plan that is right for you! With our proven and customizable plans, we will be able to help you rapidly grow your business and cut costs at the same time all while staying incredibly affordable for you.

At Redmond Growth Consulting, we are passionate about working with small businesses to get off the ground and helping business owners see their dream come to life before their very eyes. Imagine being able to own your own business and gain the time and financial freedom you deserve. This is what we have helped so many other businesses achieve and it is what we will help YOU achieve as well.

With our team of highly trained experts who come together to provide you with a unique perspective and decades of combined experience, you will confidently know that we are the team for you. When you want to see your purpose come to life, decrease the typical small business costs, and experience great increases in revenue, give us a call. Allow us to prove to you how we can help you grow to achieve your business and life goals.

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Tulsa Business Consulting – Costly Mistake to Avoid at Less than $1 million

Trying to Grow Their Business Without a Compelling Plan

Planning is an area in which so many powerful people with huge destinies fall short. It doesn’t have to be that way! That’s one of the key differences I make as a Tulsa Business Consulting expert that is the Tulsa Business Coach for dozens of businesses.

Planning is really about making clear the target you are aiming at and taking specific steps (adjusting along the way) towards it until you reach it. Lather. Rinse. Repeat (with increasing levels of targets).

Have you made any goals or plans for this year? Do you actively do this each year and throughout the year?

If so, I congratulate you! You are tapping into your God-given power to create huge results . . .

Have you had a negative experience when creating a plan for your business?

People get disillusioned and discouraged when thinking about planning for a number of reasons. As a Tulsa business consulting and business coaching expert, here are some of the reasons I cover with my clients –

  1. Being so busy with life, they don’t take time to focus on what they really want or if they do, they forget about the goals they set.
  2. Fear of Why try when they are convinced they’re going to fail? (Sounds like a belief that needs to be rooted out and replaced.)
  3. Lack of They are not convinced they have what it takes and are uncomfortable with being held accountable to pre-determined results and actions. (This is so common with many business owners!)
  4. They start by setting too many goals at one time and get overloaded with them – they are “aiming” at too many targets to maintain the focus needed to accomplish the most important goals. With my time and priority management system I show my Tulsa business consulting clients during our business coaching sessions, they quickly move from overwhelm to intentionality.
  5. They simply don’t know how to plan and achieve goals effectively. They look at it as a huge project consisting of dozens of pages and charts that takes weeks to complete (those are good for getting loans from banks – and I can help you with bank funding – but my planning process for business owners involves creating a   1 – 2 page action-focused plan). If you are interested in having the Tulsa business consulting expert of choice walk you through this process, please call and set up a Tulsa business coaching session with Tim Redmond.

Why Take Time to Plan?

It’s an easy thing to convince yourself to avoid planning UNLESS you are more convinced of the benefits. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Planning releases you to live your life without regrets!

Many people towards the end of their life are pained with regrets. What regrets have you heard people say? What regrets do you want to avoid having toward the end of YOUR life? As a Tulsa business consulting expert who helps leaders with life coaching, this is a key point I help my clients avoid.

Planning, in the way that I would teach you, will set you up so that you can live your life without regrets.

Daniel Burnham built America’s first skyscraper. He said, “Make no little plans. There’s nothing in little plans to stir men’s blood. Make big plans. Once a big idea is recorded, it can never die.”

  • Planning increases your wealth creation

God has given you the Power To Create. Effective plans release the energy and greatness of that power to impart value into the lives of others. Wealth is created and the outside world begins to conform to the heart-birthed plan on the inside of you. This is “living by faith” and becomes the vehicle to release your faith to create an ever-expanding future.

Heart-birthed plans attract what is needed to achieve the plan. Needs, by themselves (without being attached to an effective plan), do NOT attract resources.

  • Planning helps you stay focused and highly

Consider the power of focus: What you focus on, you move towards (and it moves towards you), especially your plan!

Life offers so many distractions, many of which appeal to our egos and talents. Planning gives you the power to say, “NO!” to these “greatness” blockers. A heart-birthed plan steadies the path of your purpose, right relationships, priorities and activities. As the Tulsa business coaching specialist that provides Tulsa business consulting to business owners who really want to grow, I love to help owners overcome this challenge.

The focus that a plan brings guides you in the best use of your time. The secret of the super successful is how they use their time – especially what they do with their spare time. Focus brings balance.

  • Planning leads to better decision-making.

Your decisions determine your destiny – your success and failure comes as a result of the decisions you make. Your life – and the results you see in your life are a result of ALL the decisions you’ve made in life so far.

Planning is a process of identifying and pursuing your personal and organizational purpose, key goals and values. It is committing to a number of decisions in advance. This is especially helpful when you are confused and not sure what direction to take.

Here are 3 questions that will help you get started with this powerful process:

  1. What plans or goals are you aiming at?
  2. Have you written them down?
  3. Have you begun to take little steps towards making them happen?

I have taught thousands of people how to write a plan. It is not just what you write down that makes the difference. There is a whole process that engages not just your head but also your heart (most miss this point).

In addition to consulting and coaching CEOs, their key people, and businesses through this powerful process, I also offer an inside look at my unique planning process.

This article was written by Tim Redmond, Tulsa Business Consulting expert who specializes in providing Tulsa business coaching to businesses of all sizes and industry types.