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who is tim redmond? what is redmond growth?

Tulsa Business Coach Tim Redmond

Tim Redmond, CEO
Redmond Growth

  • Built Tax & Accounting Software company from 2 people to over 350 people. Learn More
  • Sold Tax and Accounting Software to Intuit for $62.5 Million.
  • Two decades of business coaching with startups to businesses worth hundreds of millions
  • Featured in John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • CPA who started his career with Pricewaterhouse Coopers


STEP 1: Create a Proven Path to YOUR Successful Business

We start the process with a free business evaluation lead by Tim Redmond to evaluate where your business currently is, versus where you need it to be. After this evaluation, Tim Redmond and his team work together to create you a personalized proven path (business plan) to build your successful business.

STEP 2: Implement Systems to Make Your Business Highly Profitable & Less Reliant on You

Tim and his team works with you to create an efficient, systems reliant business that is highly profitable, and less reliant on you. From discovering what sets you apart from your competitors, to branding, marketing, sales, hiring, accounting, and operations, we help you create a systems driven business, in every part of your business.

STEP 3: Make Your Business Better Each Week

Tim and his team will meet with you on a weekly basis, whether by phone or in person, to tackle the challenges that come up as a natural result of growth. The weekly meeting also keeps you focused on the most important tasks to grow your business.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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How much does it cost?
Our prices vary based on the size of the company and the scope of the work required. With each and all of our clients, our goal is to create enough new income and expense savings to pay our monthly fee many times over (our goal is to provide you up to a 700% ROI – return on investment). Because we do not require contracts or a minimum number of months, we are motivated each month to “earn our stripes” by providing enough value month to month so you keep us engaged in your company improving marketing, sales, management and accountability, and each of the systems that run your company.



Do I have to sign a contract?
We do not require you to sign a contract or keep us retained for a minimum number of months or years. This motivates us to keep meeting and exceeding your expectations month by month.



My business is different, how can you help me?
Every business has unique aspects of the products, services and personnel. We quickly master those differences and incorporate them into the business plan we create for each company. Having worked in virtually every industry and every type of business, we’ve gained valuable insights over the years working with hundreds of businesses.

We have also found that the systems, processes, and action steps we’ve created work with massive effectiveness, regardless of the industry or business. You will experience this from the very beginning when we walk you through our insightful and valuable 13 point Business Evaluation. Every business owner we’ve walked through this process has found great value in it and walk away with several tangible Growth Action Items they can immediately implement into their businesses.



How does your Search Engine Optimization work?
As experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we get results for our clients. Working with the Thrive15 team, we implement all of the steps and content writing needed to get to the top of Google. BUT BEWARE – so many who claim to be SEO experts are scams and/or produce little to no leads or sales from Google searches.

Here is what our clients say . . . “We’ve tried so many SEO companies that promise everything and deliver little. Though I was skeptical, as we began to implement your proven systems with SEO and SEM, we moved to page 1 and we are getting leads from Google!” We are working with a law firm who spent $60,000 on internet work last year. They started with us for a fraction of that cost and produced $80,000 in the 3rd month of new revenue tied directly to our SEO work we did for them. We’d love to do the same for you.


What is the Return On Investment?
Our goal is to meet or exceed a 700% return for your investment in our coaching, graphics, website, SEO, video and implementation work. Because some of our clients are under $500,000 or are in the start up mode, we cannot guarantee the actual ROI; however, with our no-contract, no long-term commitment required approach, it forces us to prove our worth every month with each of our clients.

We are confident that no other coaching organization can give you the results you are seeking in such a solid, proven way.

What if I need financial assistance?
If you are facing insurmountable cash flow challenges, still call us and benefit from our insightful Business Evaluation and see if you can qualify for our short term scholarships we may have available. In addition to helping you with a number of powerful cash flow management processes, we are confident that we can help you jumpstart your sales and profits to be able to afford our very reasonably priced coaching system.
Does the full service marketing & advertising team cost more?
Our full service marketing, SEO, graphics, website and advertising team comes as a standard part of most of our coaching packages. Be sure to discuss what is specifically available to you with your coach as he or she brings your through our invaluable Business Evaluation.

Tulsa Business Consulting Exceeds Service Expectations

If you are a business owner and you are not completely satisfied with your sales, profits, productivity, and time freedom, it is time to tap into the best of Tulsa business consulting with Business Coach Tim Redmond of Redmond Growth Consulting. There are so many people who want to run their own business and jump in with both feet. Within a relatively short time, they find that instead of them having the freedom and money and power they thought they would have in running their own business, their business is running them. They don’t own a business; rather, they just got another job with much more downside if the business fails.

What role do you want your business to play in your life? What do you want to get from your business? These are important questions to ask and even more importantly to answer. Very few business owners, especially those relatively inexperienced in running their own business, get clear on what is the purpose of their business. What is their why?

When one gets crystal clear on their “why?,” decisions become easier, focus on the most important items to work on increases, distractions have less pull. Tim Redmond and his top Tulsa business consulting firm, Redmond Growth coach Tulsa business owners get super clear on their answers as part of his powerful time and priority management system.

What is the “why?” of your business? Take a moment to write down all that comes to mind. Pull back and revisit that list in two days. Then write another more focused draft with less items; only including the most important “why?” items that you listed.

What purpose does your business serve FOR you? Could it be financial freedom? Possibly being a venue with which to develop people (your employees) and/or serve people in your creative “WOW!” ways (your customers).

Have you looked at your business simply as a vehicle that you design to bring you to where you want to go? Where do you want to go? How fast do you want to get there? Do you have a clear map of where it is you are going and what is the best route to get you there?

Let me illustrate. Let’s say I am working with a bakery that specialized in special pastries. When I asked the owner where she wants her business or “vehicle” to take her, she said she wants to make $10,000 per month in profits. So I begin to examine the “engine” of her business – what is the sales price, what is the cost and what is the profit for each pastry sold. Because she is like many business owners, she had never broken down the sales, costs and profits per item sold. After making a bit of effort and time we figured out those key numbers. Much to her amazement, she found she was only making 10 cents per pastry.

What’s the next question I should ask her? You know it . . . based on these numbers and her monthly goal, I asked her how close she was to selling 100,000 pastries each month. She responded with telling me she wouldn’t sell 100,000 pastries in a whole year. After discovering her vehicle was not designed to carry her to reach her goal, we began to work on re-configuring her business to produce the profits she desired. Using her talents and equipment, we discovered she would make about $500 profits per wedding cake produced. The challenge was to sell and manufacture 20 wedding cakes per month – a much more attainable vehicle with which to reach her goal.

We then identify and begin marketing to her ideal clients and most likely buyers through targeting, re-targeting online ads combined with boosting her SEO (search engine optimization), and obtaining leads of those planning to get married. We work in writing the appointment setting and sales scripts, setting up to record the calls to improve the callers’ selling abilities and design and mail the postcards. With diligent efforts applied on a daily basis, before long the owner is selling 20 wedding cakes per month. She begins to enjoy working in her business because she has taking time every week to work ON her business.

Her success begins to spread and before long news agencies are wanting to interview her to find out how she became so successful. Tulsa WorldFoxNewsBloombergCNNKJRH-TV (channel 2)NewsOn6, and KTUL Channel 8 call to request an interview.

The illustration above reflects the experience of businesses with which we work. It is such a joy to be a Tulsa business coach for business owners, CEOs and their teams to move the needles in the right direction. As the vehicle begins to produce what the owner wants, his or her confidence significantly increases and they begin to more intentionally live out their purpose.

It is so easy to begin this rewarding Tulsa business consulting process with Tim Redmond. He will analyze your website and web presence then work with you to analyze your business to see what in this vehicle needs to be improved and systemized into a scalable, duplicable process that works without requiring more and more of the owner’s time.

The Business Evaluation is such an insightful and rewarding process. Business owners, CEOs, executive directors of non-profits have positively expressed gratitude for the clarity they achieved through Tim Redmond’s powerful Business Evaluation process. To experience the best business coaching of the top Tulsa business consulting expert, contact Tim Redmond and begin the process. It is free, it is easy, and it is highly rewarding.

We will see you soon and we will see you at the top as we work together!

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